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Surname                Given Name                Born               Death

Martin     Jack     11/17/1926         10/17/1990 hus Amanda Myers


Martin                 Amanda Myers    01/03/1925         one date d/o Franklin P Myers & Etta Myers/wf Kirkwood James & Jack Martin


Myers                  Franklin P.              09/01/1897               09/1969 hus Etta W. &  Ada Wilder  d/o Noel Wilder & Agnes McGeorge


Myers                  Etta W.                   1907               1979  wf Franklin P Myers


James                  Sandra Faye               09/19/1948         11/13/1949 d/o Kirkwood James & Amanda Myers


Myers                  Mable  11/29/1922         11/19/1952  (parents unknown/ never married from death certificate)


Wilder                 Noel      08/10/1871         12/21/1969  s/o Preston Wilder & Nancy Bull/hus Agnes McGeorge


Wilder                 Aggie (Agnes)       05/13/1873         12/26/1943  d/o John McGeorge &  Jane M. Howard/hus Noel Wilder


Rogers                 Virgil                    09/11/1943         11/28/1943  s/o Estil Rogers & Dorothy Blakely

McGeorge   John   1834  06/09/1889  s/o John McGeorge & Letitia Green /hus Jane M. Howard (illegible marker)


McGeorge Jane M. Howard 04/26/1845   1928 d/o Larkin Howard & Elizabeth Brock /wf John McGeorge (illegible marker)


McGeorge               Clarence                  11/03/1911         10/14/1962 s/o Lewis McGeorge & Nancy  Katherine Green


Miracle                Amanda  Wilder       04/20/1902         02/20/1982 d/o Noel Wilder & Agnes McGeorge /wf Straw Gregory & Oscar Miracle


Miracle                Oscar                     10/08/1906         06/06/1960 s/o John M Miracle & Lenora B Smith/hus Amanda Wilder


Green                  Curtis Lyle               12/14/1956         12/16/1956


Green   Elizabeth Miracle  (dates from death certificate)  02/11/1868 02/17/1948 Unmarked  d/o Alfred B Miracle & Narcissa Saylor/wf Solomon Green


Green                  Solomon  C 1859  1929  Unmarked s/o Lewis H Green & Cyrena Saylor/hus Elizabeth Miracle


McGeorge               Morgan      09/03/1923   10/28/1923 s/o Dillard McGeorge & Annie Rhymer


McGeorge               John    06/12/1870         08/20/1949  s/o John McGeorge &  Jane Howard/hus Sarah Alice McGeorge


McGeorge               Billy  (McKinley)                    06/09/1901  10/11/1929 s/o John McGeorge & Sarah Alice McGeorge


McGeorge               James V.                  04/26/1926         12/16/1927


McGeorge               Solis (Sollie)                    no dates b. 1883 s/o John McGeorge & Jane M Howard


Eldridge               Joan W.       02/14/1937         07/13/1937 d/o John Howard Eldridge & Mary Magdalene McGeorge


McGeorge               Thomas     03/29/1878         03/17/1934 s/o John McGeorge &  Jane Howard/hus Sarah Catherine Lee


McGeorge               Sarah Catherine Lee       04/26/1880         01/23/1956 d/o  George W Lee & Mary Carolyn Miller/wf Thomas McGeorge


McGeorge               Rufus                     01/26/1913         05/12/1968 s/o Thomas McGeorge & Sarah Catherine Lee/hus Mary Panell


Warren                 Charlene                  11/09/1942         02/13/1945


Location:Rt987 to Baker Hill Rd (its the second road left after starting up Browneys

Creek.) Turn up this road to last house or end of road. There is a gravel road to the

left has a cable across it. You can take it down just put it back Cem is at the end

of road.