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Surname               Given Name               Born               Death


Hall                  Elmer                    11/15/1914         10/18/1988 s/o George Hall & Lorena Horn


Hall                  Weldy E.              08/20/1889 TN    11/02/1983 Calvin, Bell Co., KY  s/o Samuel Patton Hall & Elizabeth Fulton h/o Etta “Eddy”  M Alcorn


Redmond (Redman)             George                   01/29/1915         08/24/1999 s/o Joseph Redman & Martha Howard h/o


Redmond               Willis Joshua   (02/15/1910)    02/25/1914         01/29/1989 s/o Joseph Redman & Martha Howard


Redmond               Auther                   01/02/1912         02/12/1984 s/o Joseph Redman & Martha Howard


Gabbard               George Arnold Jr.        09/23/1988         09/23/1988 s/o George Arnold Gabbard &


Gabbard               Dewey                    09/04/1939         04/08/1997 s/o Clell Gabbard & Elsie Brown h/o Jenelee Hall


Gabbard               Jenelee Hall                  03/27/1943         10/09/1998 w/o Dewey Gabbard


Gilbert               Michael Nelson           08/25/1978         05/30/1998  (Social Security death index has 08/25/1979-05/29/1998)


Location: Rt25E south to Rt1534 turn on it stay on it until it goes right across

Yellow Creek take the road straight ahead, do not cross Yellow Creek, follow this

when black top ends stay on gravel about 2-21/2 miles. Last houses on left turn

into driveway cemetery  is on hill on right behind first house.