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Surname          Given Name         Born          Death


Abbott           Admiral Dewey         09/24/1941    02/18/1946 (death certificate # 2888 mesenteric hernia) s/o Jake Abbott &  Hazel Ayers


Abbott           Beatrice Cinnamon  06/20/1920    09/29/1949 d/o James Knox Polk  Cinnamon & Elizabeth Ann Wilder w/o William Abbott


Adams            Mary Katie Marsee        06/05/1884    07/10/1971 d/o Joseph Peter  Marsee & Amanda Lee Turner   w/o James Bailey Adams


Agener           Mae                1924  (04/02/1922)        1938 (11/10/1936) (death certificate # 28848 ) d/o Sim Agener & Gracie Evans)


Alston           Manerva E. Poore       02/16/1886    12/31/1959  d/o James W.Poore & Elizabeth J. Cupp w/o William Charles Alston


Alston           William Charles         02/24/1879    09/21/1979 s/o Lucinda  Wilson & adopted daughter of  John Alston  & his wife Melvina h/o Manerva  E. Poore


Lake         Pauline            01/28/1943    08/15/1943 (death certificate # 19354 gastro enteritis) d/o Johnny Lake & Mary Ellen Archer


Archer           Aslee              05/09/1930    03/05/1958 no records


Archer           Evelyn  01/10/1923 Lafollette, TN  06/09/1951 Middlesboro, KY buried in Hensley’s Cemetery d/o James Archer & Mandy Houston (death certificate # 10871 died from myocardial failure, rheumatic heart disease) /single


Archer           James A.           03/03/1940    one date  no records


Archer           Mandy  J. Houston            07/28/1906    08/15/1959 w/o James Archer


Ayers            Martha  J   Short         03/04/1880 Indian Creek Wise, Co.,VA    10/25/1978 (07/08/1962 Indian Creek, Wise, VA) d/o Henry Lewis Short & Sarah Lavina Riggis  w/o William Timothy Ayers


Ayers            Steve              06/18/1933    11/23/1933 s/o  Steve Ayers & Cora Turner


Ayers            William Timothy              01/07/1875 Lee Co., VA    01/17/1946 s/o Alexander Rand Ayers & Nancy Seals h/o Martha J. Short


Baker            Herbert Jr.        05/27/1933    04/01/1941  (death certificate #9 039 compound fracture of skull and chest injuries from accident in road near home) s/o Herbert Baker & Gladys Lamb


Baker            Sherlie Ann        12/24/1938    07/24/1939 (death certificate # 16554 died from colitis) d/o Herbert Baker & Edith Treadway


Barnard          Inez Margerette  Woods     03/26/1934 Tazewell , Claiborne Co., TN   02/18/1994 Knoxville, TN w/o 1st Alfred Coy Turner 2nd Barnard


Barnes           Charlie Denver       04/12/1903    04/04/1977 h/o Gertie Ethel Beeler


Barnes           Clarence David       06/13/1877 Clay Co., KY         05/14/1965 Pineville, Bell Co., KY  s/o Henry Barnes & Mary Elizabeth Baker


Barnes           Gertie Ethel  Beeler     10/201904    12/01/1960 d/o William Marshall Beeler & Leva Jane Heck w/o Charlie Barnes


Barnes           Leo A.             01/24/1930    10/18/1969 died in Allen Co., IN  h/o Loretta


Barnes           Robert  Washington          05/15/1876 NC   07/29/1933 (death certificate  # 17865 carcinoma of liver, coal loader, coal mines) parents unknown  h/o Sarah Marsee


Barnes           Sarah Elizabeth  Marsee        03/25/1878          07/10/1961d/o Joseph Marsee & Susan Elinore  Hyden w/o Robert Washington Barnes


Barnett          Ernest             04/13/1906          05/07/1989 Knox Co., KY s/o Fillmore Barnett & Carrie h/o Christene Garlan


Barnett          Lincoln            05/01/1949    04/13/1951 (death certificate #  6572 aspirin poisoning) s/o Ernest Barnett & Lela McMullin


Barnett    (John)  Clifford          02/09/1906    05/08/1960 s/o Gillis Colson Barnett & Bell Zora Jones h/o Sarah Leona Baker


Barnett          F.E.               no dates no records


Barnett          Johnnie Lee        11/23/1955    01/29/1972  s/o John Clifford Barnett & Sarah Leona Baker


Barnett    Sarah  Leona  Baker          08/23/1915    11/12/1973 d/o Frank Baker & Mary Frances Winston w/o John Clifford Barnett


Bass             Hayden             01/02/1893    09/17/1943 (death certificate # 23595 inter cranial hemorrhage under meninges with disintegrated brain tissue, misc. injuries from and accident, miner) s/o Peter Bass & Lena Bass h/o Lula Turner


Bass             Curt               10/06/1920    07/13/1963 married Fronia Mullins d/o Harvey & Helen Turner in Claiborne Co., TN 4 Jan 1962  Curt died in Bell Co., KY age 42


Bass             Edgar O.           11/24/1924    01/22/1961 s/o Hayden Bass & Lula Turner


Bass             Harry Robert         02/03/1913    03/24/1940 (death certificate # Ludwig’s angina) s/o Hayden Bass & Lula Turner h/o


Bass             James              08/10/1922    02/09/1955 no records


Bass             Fannie Ellen       04/23/1923    12/07/1926 d/o Harry H. Bass &  Lillie Wilford


Bass             Harry H.           09/11/1890    04/19/1958  h/o Lillie Wilford


Bass             Lilly (Lillie)  Wilford          07/14/1907    11/23/1986 w/o Harry H. Bass


Beeler           Curtis Esco           06/20/1906  Union Co., TN   03/18/1930 (death certificate # 5514 ruptured stomach, coal miner) s/o William Beeler (Speedwell, TN) & Leva Heck of TN h/o Ethel Mary Emmet


Beeler   William  Garfield           06/29/1901 Bryson City,  TN   09/03/1949 (death certificate # 19912 homicide/ shotgun wound in brain/instant death)  s/o William Garfield Beeler & Leva Jane Heck h/o Gladys Laura Rains


Beeler           Leva Jane Heck               12/25/1885    05/28/1973 d/o Nathaniel Crowder Heck & Sarah Jane Maddux w/o William Marshall Beeler


Beeler           William  Marshall         10/14/1884    05/26/1969 s/o Isaac N. Beeler & Sarah J. Smith h/o Leva Jane Heck


Bennett          Ida Mae Rose            07/26/1915    07/22/1949 d/o William Riley Rose & Elizabeth “Betty” Mason w/o Noble Bennett


Bennett          Luther             09/09/1925  Illinois    08/22/1951 s/o  Luther Bennett & Myrtle Alice Lewis


Bennett          Mayola   Acuff          09/26/1926    one date d/o Sam Acuff & Laura Parker w/o Luther Bennett


Bennett          Myrtle Alice Lewis      01/11/1896    10/12/1957 (listed as widow in 1930)  d/o Timothy Alexander  Lewis & Alice Caroline Sapp w/o Luther Bennett


Berkley        William   01/15/1928     07/12/1929 (death certificate # 24042 enteritis) s/o Louis Berkley & Hazel Engle (unmarked)


Black            Matthew T.         08/18/1866    05/17/1947 s/o George W. Black & Martha Isabell McClellan h/o Sarah Drake


Blackburn        Monroe I.         08/09/1918    04/04/1944 (died in WWII) s/o Tomas Blackburn &  Nettie Sandifer


Blackburn        Tom  (Thomas)              1894 (Jul 1893)    01/24/1941 (death certificate # 152 bronchial pneumonia, asthma ,  coal miner) s/o George Blackburn & Paralee Turner h/o Nettie Sandifer


Blake    (Johnny)    Helen Compton      08/04/1923 Blount Co., TN    02/28/1989 Rosemead, Los Angeles Co., CA d/o William Giles Compson & Rosa Lee Cody w/o Richard Arnold Blake (b. 19 Nov 1922)


Blackley (Blakley)         Bertha             03/17/1899    06/28/1959 2nd wife of William Blackley


Blackley          Mary J. Canter           06/10/1875    08/06/1922 (08/07/1923)  (death certificate # 22698 carcinoma of the cervix signed by William Blackley) d/o James Canter & Martha Whitethorne w/o William Blakely/Blackley (divorced)


Blackley        Wm.         09/19/1870 Jonesboro, TN    02/22/1942 ( death certificate # 2637 carcinoma of the liver, salesman of mine equipment) parents unknown  h/o 1st Mary J. Canter 2nd Bertha


Bowling          Clyde P.              11/05/1921 Rockcastle Co., KY    12/07/1990 Dayton, Montgomery Co,  OH  s/o Walter Kenton Bowling & Mary Belle  Wagers h/o June G.


Bowling          June G.            08/02/1922    09/30/1972 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH w/o Clyde Bowling


Brackett         Billie Ray         03/08/1946    04/17/1946 (death certificate # 7882  Billie Ray Akins) died from abdominal obstruction) s/o Felix Adkins & Wilma Jean Brackett


Braden           Anna May          08/23/1897  (08/21/1898 SSI)  01/09/1996  Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN­­­­


Bradley          Ida Mae Eckart      01/10/1898    05/19/1995 w/o William  Alga Bradley (03/05/1884 06/21/1936 s/o Jeptha Asbury Bradley & Martha Jane Anderson)


Brady            J.R. (James Robert)            08/20/1892 Cocke Co., TN     01/15/1923 (death certificate # 169 gunshot wound to the chest/homicide, miner) s/o J.A Brady of Washington Co, TN & Malvina Woods of Cocke Co., TN /married


Branscomb        J. Newton          11/20/1904    08/22/1938 (death certificate #18858 struck by train) s/o Joe Branscomb & Ratchell Grubbs h/o Eva Partin


Branson          Edna Burnice       10/25/1915    12/01/1918 (death certificate # 22597 pleurisy) d/o Milton Branson & Jessie Matthews


Branson          Myrtle Irrien      12/20/1911    12/25/1911 (death certificate # 30417 injury at birth from instrument) d/o J. Milton Branson of TN & Jessie Matthews of TN


Branson          Don Barton         03/23/1939    05/14/1939 (death certificate # 11679 hare lip/cleft palate causing marasmus) s/o Barton Branson of TN & Bertha Gamble of KY


Brim             Joe                08/12/1883 VA    01/25/1923  (death certificate # 29532 run over by railroad car/accident, coal miner) s/o Jim Brimm  & Lizzie Ball  h/o Margaret Reynolds


Brimm            Jearol Dane        07/09/1944    12/30/1944 died in Knoxville, TN d/o Leon Brimm & Harriett Evans


Brimm            Sallie  Sutton         05/01/1887    09/19/1962 d/o Hugh Sutton & Amanda Wyrick  w/o W.A. Brimm


Brimm            Tom H. (Thomas H.)            05/01/1917 TN    10/07/1993 s/o Joseph Brimm & Margaret Smith h/o Margaret Thompson


Brimm            W.A.  (William Ackey)             04/05/1881 Virginia    03/05/1927 s/o Martha Brim h/o Sallie Sutton


Broughton        Alverda Toncray         01/09/1883 Synatus, VA    03/17/1950 Dayton, Campbell Co., KY (death certificate # 4138 spindle cell sarcoma/distortions to lung) d/o Lilburn Richardson & Mary Toncray w/o Harvey Boyd Broughton


Broughton        Anna L.             03/30/1916    12/14/1916 d/o Harvey William Broughton &  Viola Broughton (d/o Harvey Broughton & Mollie Davis)


Broughton        Elizabeth Woods      06/21/1863    10/05/1922  (death certificate  21871# mitral regurgitation/apoplexy) d/o Abe Jones of TN & Unknown w/o Henry Broughton


Broughton        Harvey Boyd         02/03/1871 Laurel Co., KY   09/20/1919 (death certificate # 26738 aortic aneurysm)  s/o James Broughton & Mary Jane Jones h/o 1st Mollie Davis b. Apr 1871 MO 2nd  Alverda Toncray Richardson


Broughton        Harvey William     04/27/1886    07/14/1951 s/o Steven Broughton & Annie Hubbard h/o Viola Broughton


Broughton        Leonard G.         11/07/1891    09/15/1928  drowned s/o Harvey Boyd Broughton & Mollie Davis


Broughton        Mary Jane Jones            06/09/1839 Laurel Co., KY   02/07/1917 d/o Porter Jones & Elizabeth Jenkins Pendleton w/o James Broughton wed 09 Jan 1855 Laurel Co., KY


Broughton        Walter             07/21/1889    04/08/1925 Harlan Co., KY (death certificate # 9168 died in slate fall, coal miner) s/o Henry Brighton &  Elizabeth Woods   h/o Maud Collett


Brown            May                1912          one date (probably daughter of Preston & Rosa Brown)


Brown            Rosie              1881          03/09/1962 w/o Preston Brown b. 1869 NC


Brown            Tip                06/20/1897    03/13/1959 Harlan Co., KY s/o John Brown & Mary Alice Smith  h/o Abigail Johnson


Bryant           W.H. (William Henry)               01/06/1874    08/01/1918 (death certificate # 20892 Henry Bryant Middlesboro, KY  about 41 died Aug 01, 1913, farmer, struck by lightning buried in Rains Cemetery (not sure this is the right Henry)  s/o Alford Bryant of Whitley Co., KY & Anney  Sego of Whitley Co., KY h/o Fannie Catherine Marsee


Bryant          Betty  Given (Gwenlyn)           11/16/1934    03/27/1943 (death certificate # 23645 died from accidental gunshot wound)  d/o Roscoe Bryant & Bessie Reynolds


Bryant           Henry Ausmus             06/12/1922    01/01/1942 (death certificate # 162  hit by auto driven by Ed Hunley) s/o Roscoe Bryant & Bessie Reynolds


Bryant           Fannie Catherine Marsee  06/28/1874    01/04/1961 d/o John F. Marsee & Mary Jane Burkett   w/o W.H. Bryant b. 1874  (married Benjamin Franklin Ridings 09 May 1916 Bell Co., KY)


Bryant           Spurgeon Glen Jr.  10/19/1928          05/22/1936 Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN s/o Glen Bryant & Onelia Pridemore


Bryant           W.H. (William Harvey)             1894 (09/28/1896)     11/24/1968 s/o William Henry Bryant & Fannie Catherine Marsee h/o Nannie Brody


Burch            Charlie            08/24/1877  Claiborne Co., TN    03/23/1953 Oldham Co., KY ( death certificate # 6541 coronary thrombosis, salesman) s/o Louis Burch & Lucinda Carroll h/o Martha Jane Cox


Burchfield       John C.            12/18/1970    06/04/1990 s/o Robert Burchfield & Mary


Burk             Martha J.  Williams        10/17/1905 TN    04/08/1976 d/o Perry Williams & America J. Cornelius w/o Willard Glenn Burk


Burk             Willard Glenn         10/03/1900    04/30/1939 (death certificate # 8964 gunshot wounds to the head & neck  B&J bar) s/o James Tennessee  Burke & Callie Belle  Monday h/o Martha Williams


Burke            Loy  B.             09/03/1902    04/22/1962 s/o James Tennessee Burke & Callie Belle Monday h/o Ida Garland


Burke            Sillous Little       08/15/1907    07/13/1979 s/o James Tennessee Burke & Callie Belle Monday h/o


Burke            Wayne              08/01/1947 Edgewood, KY    08/06/1947  (death certificate # 16929 lobar pneumonia) s/o Loy Burke & Ida Garland


Busic            William Frank              12/17/1903 Laurel Co., KY    03/21/1946 ( death certificate # 7906 pulmonary tuberculosis) s/o Thomas Busic & Mollie Hensley h/o Hassie Williams


Busic            Myrtle             04/02/1908 TN         05/21/1935 ( death certificate # 11137 tuberculosis/pneumonia) d/o Tom Busic & Nettie Hensley /widow


Busic            Thomas             1871  (Oct 1860) VA        1926 Might be s/o Calvin Busic & Mary Jones  h/o Mollie Hensley


Busic            Mollie  Hensley          1871  VA       07/04/1955 (death certificate # 12883 parents unknown) d/o John W. Hensley b. 1846 VA &  Sarah Ann Good b.Dec 1842 VA w/o Thomas Busic


Bussell          James              04/18/1861    04/19/1922 (death certificate # 8243 listed as James Duncan, merchant died from heart failure, died at his place of business, no doctor burial in Hensley Cemetery) s/o Wm. Bussell & Nancy Cox h/o Sarah Bussell


Bussell          Leslie  Robinson           01/01/1900    01/05/1933 s/o James Bussell & Sarah Conner


Bussell          Sarah  Conner            10/25/1873    05/25/1933 (death certificate # 1034 cirrhosis of the liver) d/o David Conner & Bettie Sproles w/o James Bussell


Campbell         Clifford           1919         11/28/1919 (death certificate # 2818  8 mos. Listed as female, Cliford, dysentary) infant of William Campbell & Irene Underwood


Capps            Allie Fair  Cobb         10/18/1904    11/13/1939 (death certificate # 26430 bronchial asthma due to pneumonia) d/o Robert Manuel  Cobb & Julia Melvina Clementine Wilder  w/o Sterling Jack Capps


Carmack          Dosha K. Rowlett         03/01/1922    06/29/2006 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY d/o Rev. William “Willie” Luther Rowlett & Nancy J Prater w/o 1st  Fred Otis Carmack 2nd  married Lee Owens 02 Apr 1985 Bell Co., KY


Carmack          Fred Otis          05/11/1927    11/18/1982 s/o  Edward Lee Carmack & Alice Wilson  h/o Dosha K. Rowlett


Carmack          George Otis       02/14/1922    08/03/1953 ( death certificate # 15668  coal miner, advanced rheumatic heart disease/ congestive heart failure & pulmonary infarction)  Veteran of WWI s/o John Carmack & Delia Board h/o Luvina Maggie Browning


Carmack          Gladys Marie Moore      08/07/1917    06/03/1945 (death certificate # 12370 mitral regurgitation) d/o J.E. Moore & Harriett Smith w/o Glenn Carmack


Carmack          Grady George       10/13/1939    12/26/1987  TN s/o Glenn Carmack &  Gladys Moore h/o Betty Faye Culver


Carmack          Geneva R. Williford   11/22/1930  Harlan Co., KY   05/28/1977 d/o Bud Williford &  Bettie  Lewis w/o Carmack


Carpenter        Wiley “Buck”           06/09/1902    02/01/1960 s/o J. V. Carpenter & Maggie of Wise Co., VA  h/o Margaret Helen Simpson


Carpenter        T.W.               no dates (death certificate # 22792 Thomas W. Carpenter of Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY died from cancer of the face, brick mason) born 01/15/1870 in Kentucky died 09/09/1937 s/o Bill Carpenter born in VA & Unknown Nowell born in VA  h/o Mary Gibson


Carroll          Cosbalou           04/13/1936    03/09/1937 no records


Carroll          Harrison William   02/08/1898 TN  07/13/1969 s/o Riley Carroll & Rutha Gordon


Carroll          Hugh               06/24/1923    03/28/1924 no records


Carroll          Lee Otis (Leotts)  Wilder         03/27/1922 Claiborne Co., TN    04/30/1946 (death certificate # 10227 died in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN  burial in Hensleys) d/o John Wilder of TN w/o Estil Carroll


Carroll          Raymond Douglas    04/06/1932    11/26/1932 Alva, Harlan Co., KY (death certificate # 8985 lobar pneumonia) s/o Roy Carroll & Emma Pate


Carroll          Riley              05/01/1878 Claiborne, Co., TN    03/31/1930 (death certificate # 18692 died from chronic nephritis, miner) s/o Rube Carroll & Elizabeth Poore of Claiborne Co., TN h/o Rutha Gordon


Carroll          Rutha Gordon       07/09/1876 Claiborne Co., TN   10/27/1923 d/o Samuel Gordon & Martha Jane Johns w/o Riley Carroll


Carroll          John Wesley         09/25/1892 Tazewell, Claiborne Co., KY    08/14/1928  Harlan Co., KYT s/o William M. Carroll & Serrelda Alice Cox h/o Pearl Vaughn


Carroll          Onalee  (Lucy in birth records)   06/20/1922    02/16/1929 d/o John Wesley Carroll  & Pearl Vaughn


Carter           John               03/12/1903 Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA    01/15/1985 s/o Lizzie Carter  


Carter           Mary F.              01/11/1894    09/23/1978 Lived in VA


Carter           Donald Raymond     08/15/1934    06/08/1938 (death certificate # 13620 gastro enteritis born 08/17/1935 died  06/23/1938 s/o Alex Carter & Effie Woodrum burial in Middlesboro)


Cawood           Charles Albert     06/01/1918    07/12/1997 died in Monroe Co., MI


Cawood           Jewell Fay West        09/22/1927 Harlan Co., KY   10/30/1969 died in Monroe Co., MI d/o Johnnie  Monroe West &  Ruth Sligen w/o Charles Cawood


Christian        Archie Arthur      07/01/1969    07/12/1995 no records


Christian        Charles Edward Jr. 07/02/1962    10/16/1989 no records


Cinnamon         Alva               05/30/1922 Logmont, KY   06/30/1942 Fork Ridge, Claiborne Co., TN s/o Alf Cinnamon & Ledia Price


Cinnamon         Betty Wilder (Elizabeth Ann)      03/19/1874  TN  04/17/1949 d/o James M. Wilder & Nancy Miracle w/o James Knox Polk Cinnamon


Cinnamon         Delbert Clifford        05/20/1906    09/28/1921 s/o Cornelius Washingon Cinnamon & Florida Belle Wilder


Cinnamon       James Knox Polk 12/14/1873  Claiborne Co., TN 12/11/1935 s/o  Henry Clinton Cinnamon & Susan Ridings h/o Elizabeth Ann Wilder


Cinnamon         Junior             12/19/1939    12/19/1939 no records


Coatney          Amanda Essary         08/06/1888    11/08/1969  d/o George Essary & Sarah Hurst  w/o George Coatney


Coatney          Clifford           06/13/1918    04/13/1937 s/o George Coatney & Amanda Essary


Coatney          George Roy          07/07/1882  Claiborne Co., TN   04/14/1956 s/o John Coatney & Nancy h/o Amanda Essary


Coatney          James Gillis       02/07/1906 Hancock Co., TN   07/18/1943 on railroad Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 16995 gunshot wound in the left chest/homicide, motorman coal mines ) s/o William Coatney & Laura Gibson h/o Stella Cheek


Coatney        Laura Gibson 07/27/1882   11/17/1939 (death certificate # 26428 mitral regurgitation of heart, rheumatism, signed by Jim Coatney, widowed, burial in Middlesboro, KY, parents unknown) w/o William Coatney


Coatney          William            01/09/1870 TN    06/03/1937 (death certificate # 15125 carcinoma of the esophagus, coal miner) s/o George Coatney of TN & Amanda Essary h/o Laura Gibson


Cobb              Eliza Ann Reedy         12/12/1881 Claiborne Co., TN   01/21/1930 (death certificate # 8663 cause illegible) d/o William Reedy & Mary Wiliford w/o John Cobb


Cobb         Robert Manuel  08/05/1877 Grainger Co., TN 11/25/1939 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY s/o James Cobb & Nancy Catherine Hill 1st h/o Julia Melvina Clementine Wilder


Cobb             Sterling           02/19/1910    one date no records


Cobb          Lee   Walter       09/11/1907 TN   02/24/1935 (death certificate # 3056 influenza, taxi driver) s/o Robert Cobb & Julia Wilder h/o Georgia Hopper


Collins          Cleo William           04/12/1933          04/20/1982 Bowling Green, Wood Co., OH, Veteran of Korean Conflict s/o James Collins & Pearlie Jane Maddan h/o Shirley Virginia Neil 2nd  Diane Disbrow 


Collins          David R.           10/10/1928    11/27/1929 no records


Collins          Helen              1933          1951 no records


Collins          James M.           07/12/1900    05/15/1954 (might be s/o David Joshua Marion Collins and Elizabeth Presnell or Presley of Claiborne Co., TN)


Collins          Jim  (James)   07/04/1907 Cawood, KY    09/14/1951 (death certificate # 17379 cerebrovascular accident, coal miner) s/o Malin Collins & Cornie Johnson h/o Pearlie Jane Maddan


Collins          Pearlie Jane Maddan           04/19/1910    12/20/1989 d/o Cillus Maddan & Cornelia Buell w/o James Collins


Collins          Shirley Ann        no dates 12/25/1946 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY 01/24/1948 Middlesboro (death certificate # 40 bronchial pneumonia/bilateral) d/o Burl Collins b. Clay Co., KY & Henrietta Noe b. Middlesboro


Colson           Paul Ivan          01/18/1914    12/13/1989  died in Bell Co., KY


Combs            Elick J.           05/04/1948    07/19/1981 Carpentersville, Kane Co., IL s/o Leetha McMullin


Combs            Troy Lee           1967          1967 no records


Compton          Betty Lorene       02/22/1934    07/10/1942 (death certificate # 14950 probably respiratory failure from abscess of the lung) d/o William  Giles Compton b. Blunt Co., TN & Rosa Lee Cody of Sevierville, TN


Compton          Edward Ray         01/03/1922    01/03/1976 s/o William Giles Compton & Rosa Lee Cody h/o Nadine Roberts


Compton          Nadine Roberts     07/04/1920 Harlan Co., KY    02/17/1981 d/o Sterl Roberts &  Bessie Mae Smith w/o Edward Ray Compton


Compton          Rosalee Cody           08/22/1893 Sevier, TN    02/18/1976 Middlesboro, KY d/o James Madison Cody & Eliza Ellen Thomas w/o William Giles Compton


Compton          William Giles      11/26/1880 Sevier, TN    11/19/1969  Middlesboro, KY s/o Charles Lafitte Compton & Mary Louise Walker h/o Katie Walker in 1903 2nd Rosalee Cody 1912


Compton          William Hubert     10/12/1919 Bryson, TN     08/19/1946 Bell Co., KY (death certificate # mine accident) s/o William Giles Compton of Sevier, TN & Rosa Lee Cody of Sevier Co., TN /single


Compton          Willie Edward         07/14/1943    05/12/1968 s/o Edward Ray Compton & Nadine Roberts


Cook             Vernon Elwood            12/02/1928 DeRossett, TN   03/06/1937 (03/06/1938 Lynch, Harlan Co., KY) (death certificate # 9034 lobar pneumonia) s/o Ralph E. Cook b. Nashville, TN & Ada Lou Kirby b. Clifty, TN


Cosby            Margaret Fay       04/26/1940    05/21/1941 ( death certificate # 11538 mumps & encephalitis other conditions measles and bronchial pneumonia) d/o Roy Cosby b. Claiborne Co., TN & Rhoda Boshears b. Campbell Co., TN


Cox              James Lynn         02/22/1944    11/30/1953 (death certificate # 24204 acute myeloyenus  leukemia) s/o Ottis Cox & Ruth Coatney


Cox              Ottis Devine        07/28/1920    04/29/1988 s/o General Parlin Cox & Mollie Dessie Hopper h/o Ruth Coatney


Cox              Ronald Ray         10/13/1941    09/08/1956 s/o Ottis Cox & Myrtle Ruth Coatney


Cox             Myrtle  Ruth Coatney          12/14/1923    03/30/1996 d/o James & Maggie Coatney w/o Ottis D. Cox


Crisp            Thelma Christine   09/31/1935    09/01/1936 unmarked (death certificate # 23564 listed as Thelma Christian Jeffries, no doctor) d/o James Crisp & Thelma Jeffries


Creech           Versie             02/26/1923 Chenoa, KY     12/17/1948  Cumberland, Harlan Co., KY ( death certificate # 25154 coronary thrombosis) d/o Bryant Maiden b. Long Fork, KY & Mary Vaughn b. Straight Creek, KY w/o Elisha Creech


Cunningham   Huldah Alice Webb       09/16/1945 Middlesboro, KY   09/25/2000  Pineville, KY d/o Haskell Carr Webb & Mable Turner  w/o 1st Charles Christian 2nd Ray Cunningham (married 10 Nov 1984 Bell Co., KY)


Cupp             Imogene          12/26/1942    05/16/1944 Middlesboro, KY ( death certificate # 17443 listed as Ima Jean died from bacillary dysentery)

d/o Horace Cupp & Nancy Buttons


Cupp             John C. Jr.        no dates s/o Johnny Clay Cupp & Irene Price


Cupp             Johnny Clay        09/13/1911 TN   02/22/1952 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 1712 pulmonary hemorrhage from coal mine accident, coal miner) s/o Jacob Cupp & Lydia Tuttle   h/o Irene Price


Cupp    Dorsie Lee 10/30/1942 10/30/1942 (death certificate # 25663 premature birth) d/o Johnny Clay Cupp & Irene Price  (unmarked)


Damewood         Lola Mae Black      /06/10/1909 Illinois    04/03/1973 Berrien, Berrien Co.,  step-daughter of Jess Burton, d/o Janette Burton of Lee Co., VA  w/o Earl Goldie Damewood wed 13 Jan 1949 Union Co., TN


Daniel           Ethel              08/19/1907    06/02/1923 d/o William Henry Joseph Daniel & Easter Jane Cupp


Daniels          Nancy Alice        03/13/1902    06/20/1964  d/o William Henry Joseph Daniel & Easter Jane Cupp


Daniels          Walter             11/14/1923    05/16/1967 s/o Joseph C. Daniels & Margaret Nichols


Davis            John A.            10/23/1897   04/12/1957 s/o Preston Davis & Sarah ? probably 2nd husband of Nannie Busic


Davis            Nannie  Busic         12/20/1902    09/02/1949  (death certificate # 17663 pulmonary tuberculosis) d/o Thomas  Busic & Mollie Hensley md. Howard Vamvebber 03 Oct 1922 Claiborne Co., TN 2nd probably John A. Davis


Day              Emma M. Jones          05/07/1869    02/13/1958  w/o Luther Day m/o Homer Day


Denny            Andrew Jackson       12/15/1892    02/17/1963 s/o William Denny & Maggie  Bullock  h/o Lula Bell Brasher


Denny            Andrew Jr.         05/29/1924    06/03/1946 s/o Andrew J. Denny & Lula Bell Brasher


Dilbeck          Myrtle  Robinson           12/30/1887 TN    05/10/1957 d/o Hugh Robinson & Nancy Roberson


Dilbeck         Julius Sherman           09/16/1867    06/25/1941 GA  Julius Franklin Dilbeck & Sarah Caroline Goss h/o Myrtle Robinson


Ditty            Orlander Joe       10/21/1940    one date  s/o William Fred Ditty & Aneita Williams


Donovan          Birdie             12/05/1909    12/06/1919 no records


Duby             Shirley Mays       05/08/1922    03/01/1949 no records


Duffield         Amanda Jane Noe       1869          06/18/1931 (death certificate # 16002 pellegra, widow) d/o Joseph Noe & Melvina  Whitlow (death certificate has Fortner)  w/o William A. Duffield


Duffield         John  Arthur             01/08/1901    09/25/1981 s/o William Arthur Duffield & Amanda Jane Noe h/o Lillie Mae Cinnamon


Duffield         William Arthur        10/26/1860    01/19/1922 s/o William Ward Duffield & Louise Ladue h/o Amanda Jane Noe


Duncan           Fred Jr.           04/01/1941    06/23/1941  (death certificate # 13933 broncho pneumonia due to whooping cough) s/o Fred Duncan & Myrtle Price


Duncan           James A.           10/05/1879    02/19/1964 s/o Lawson Duncan & Serena J. Gilbert h/o Martha Jane Branson


Duncan           Martha Jane  Branson      10/10/1879    05/15/1960 d/o David Branson & Mary England w/o James A. Duncun


Duncan           Matilda Marie      08/16/1939    06/25/1941 (death certificate # 13934 broncho pneumonia due to whooping cough) d/o Fred Duncan & Myrtle Price


Durham           George Washington         09/18/1883    03/23/1940 ( death certificate # 6237 general peritonitis, pelvic abscess due to fall on stomach, coal miner) s/o Marion Durham & Mary Cole h/o Rebecca Overton


(Taylor) Durham           Rebecca  Angeline  Overton          08/11/1888    03/13/1949 d/o  John Overton & Elizabeth Evans w/o 1st  George W. Durham 2nd Taylor


Earl              Mary M.  Gragg         01/24/1913    11/28/1976 d/o William Gragg & Gertrude w/o Earl Roy


Earl              Roy               05/05/1912  TN    10/04/1937  Lynch, Harlan Co., KY ( death certificate # 25824 general peritonitis,  paralytic ileus, appendectomy, coal miner) s/o Thomas Earl & Louise Moody  h/o Mary M. Gragg


Ekstin           Lucy J.            1884          1944 (no records) I think the name is wrong


Eldridge/Eldriedge        Alvie              04/18/1926    05/01/1926  (death certificate # 11890 stillborn) s/o William Preston Eldridge & Nancy Alice Daniels


Eldridge        Rev. James Walker  07/22/1888          09/26/1940 (death certificate # 20609 acute diarrhea) s/o Robert Marion Eldridge & Ollie Doan h/o Lela Maxwell


Eldridge         Edward R.          08/29/1917 (08/19/1917 birth records)    03/05/1967 s/o Frank Eldridge &  Sudie Jackson


Eldridge         Edward T.          02/01/1929 (1930)   03/25/1949  s/o William Preston Eldridge & Nancy Alice Daniels


Eldridge         Milton T.             05/02/1903          03/22/1966 s/o Robert Marion Eldridge & Ollie Doan h/o Lana Opal  Redmond


Eldridge         Ollie (Olivia) Jane Doan      01/25/1865          02/07/1950 Appalachia, Wise Co., VA d/o Joseph Doan & Margaret Ann G. Hood w/o Robert Marion Eldridge


Eldridge         Rev. William Preston    08/03/1898    04/26/1979 s/o Robert Marion Eldridge & Ollie Jane Doan  h/o Nancy Alice Daniels


Elliott    Henry      Sterling           05/05/1862    05/03/1943 (death certificate # 10923prostatity, coal miner) s/o Henry Elliott of TN & Unknown h/o Ollie Elliott


Ellis            Jessie             09/17/1933    one date Living  w/o John C. Ellis


Ellis            John C.            04/02/1921    03/21/1975 Warren, Macomb Co., MI h/o Jessie


Ellison          Bertha Lee         04/06/1916    11/23/1918 d/o Henry Ellison &  Bessie Sharp


Ellison          Marshal            07/19/1918    07/11/1919 no records


Elliston         Irene              11/08/1935    11/08/1935 (death certificate #  26258 still born) d/o R. L. Elliston & Ada Hensley


Elliston         Robert             12/08/1862    08/19/1921 (death certificate # 18810 fractured skull at base of brain, coal miner) s/o William Whitfield Elliston & Elmira Sturgis death certificate signed by   by Mrs. Betty Elliston


Elliston      Susie              03/18/1867     02/19/1935 (death certificate # 3053 Susa Elliston born 03/18/1871 died of chronic nephritis/pellagra)  d/o Charles Lawson TN & Martha Jackson  w/o William F. Elliston (married 14 Nov 1888 Lincoln Co.,KY)


Elliston         Walter M.          01/15/1866    01/17/1917 s/o William Whitfield Elliston & Elmira Sturgis


Elliston         William Fleece         03/28/1854    12/08/1928  s/o William Whitfield Elliston & Elmira Sturgis h/o  Susie Lawson


Ely              Ina Belle Miller           03/21/1887 IL    01/24/1968  d/o Edward T. Miller & Polly Adcock w/o Walter Washington Ely


England          Cecil              03/02/1932    01/18/1941 s/o Rosco England & Sarah  Jane Wilson


England          Clyde Esco         04/20/1914  (death record 04/20/1915)  04/04/1946 died in Claiborne Co., TN, lived in Middlesboro, KY  s/o Charles England & Nancy Mahaley Poore h/o Evelyn Ramsey


England          Deloris Fayetta    04/09/1926    09/12/1936 no records


England          Henley             09/08/1886  TN  12/13/1972 Boyle Co., KY s/o Lafayette England & Rhoda M. Whitaker h/o Flora A. Amix


England          James Madison         06/29/1900 Claiborne Co., TN    10/09/1936 KY  s/o John Wesley England & Sarah Jane Gibbs h/o Gertie Ethel Beeler


England   (Curtis)   Nathan             02/20/1907 Claiborne Co., TN    04/14/1951 s/o John Wesley England & Sarah Jane Gibbs

h/o Mary Elizabeth Dunn


England          Nellie             01/09/1903    one date d/o Walter England & Mary Welch  w/o John Samuel York


England          Herman W.         08/26/1912    09/12/1961 s/o Henley England & Flora Amix h/o Edna Mae Prater (listed as Pierman W. England in Bell Co., Cemeteries)


England          Rhoda             03/27/1913  TN   09/27/1941 Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY   (death certificate & 21649 pellagra due to fractured left humerus 8 days) usual residence Middlesboro, KY d/o Walter D. England & Mary England /single


England          Sarah Jane Gibbs      01/13/1873 TN    12/05/1952 Middlesboro, KY d/o David Newton Gibbs & Louisa Elizabeth Maddox   w/o John Wesley England


England          Vernon Junior            02/17/1935  Hancock Co., TN  01/18/1985 s/o Herman England & Edna Mae Prater  h/o Ruth Hatfield


Evans             Edith E.          12/26/1922    03/11/1930 (death certificate #10498 meningitis) d/o Alvis P. Evans & Etta  Strange


Evans            Claude F.          03/17/1919    01/31/1950 ( death certificate # 1672 chronic glandular nephritis/uremic pericarditis, coal miner) s/o Alvis Evans & Etta Strange /single


Evans            Donnie D.          11/16/1950    07/09/1961 no records


Evans            James A.           12/29/1914 Claiborne Co., TN    12/10/1942 (death certificate # 140 pulmonary hemorrhage due to multiple gunshot wounds to the right  chest 12/09/1942/ homicide, usual occupation soldier in U.S. Army) s/o Andy Evans of Union Co., TN & Nancy Norton of NC h/o Opal Grubbs


Evans            Martha E.          11/24/1932    11/24/1932 (death certificate # 27645 still birth) d/o Chester Evans & Etta Strange


Evans            Shirley Ann        12/06/1943    09/05/1944 (death certificate # 19398 broncho pneumonia) d/o Charlie Evans & Pauline Leo


Evans            Virgie M.          12/02/1901    02/08/1981 died in Pineville, Bell Co., KY


Evans            Walter Roscoe  “Bid”           03/15/1916    11/22/1942 ( death certificate # 25665 gunshot wound to abdomen, coal miner) s/o Alvis Evans & Etta Strange h/o Jewell Hill


Everly           Flora Sue          03/06/1944    10/09/1945 (death certificate # 20347 fell out of bed breaking neck) d/o William H. Everly & Eva Marie Sharp


Everly           Gaines N.           07/03/1905    09/01/1969 s/o Charles Willard Everly & Leona Miller h/o


Everly           Rev. Charles Willard    08/25/1878  Lawrence Co., OH  05/16/1946 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 10251 myocarditis & pulmonary edema due to nephritis/ secondary anemia,  possible gastric carcinoma, merchant) s/o Lot Everly of OH & Lahimia Unknown h/o Leona M.


Everly           Rev. Leona Minnie  Miller     08/21/1880 Galena, Jo Daviess Co., IL   09/10/1971 Middlesboro, KY d/o Michael Miller & Rebecca Betz w/o Charles Willard Everly


Fannin           John               09/03//1903    10/20/1951 (1961) s/o Benjamin Franklin Fannin & Mary Jane Conley

Fletcher         Media              07/22/1911    10/04/1961 s/o Thomas C. Fletcher & Sarah Seabolt


Fletcher         Sarah Elizabeth Seabolt          08/03/1888 Bacchus, Claiborne Co., TN   11/24/1936 (death certificate # 28861 carcinoma of uterus) d/o James Lewis  Seabolt of TN & Nancy Isabell Sutton  w/o Thomas Columbus Fletcher


Fletcher         Thomas Columbus         09/19/1878 (1879)  Whitley Co., KY 09/05/1946 Knoxville, TN s/o Thomas Fletcher & Rebecca Murray h/o Sarah Elizabeth Seabolt


Flowers          Edna Ruth          06/04/1932  Mansing, TN  12/07/1944 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate #  25867 diptheria) d/o John Henry Flowers b. Claiborne Co., TN & Ada Reed b. Speedwell, TN


Flowers          Virdia M.          06/07/1905 Bell Co., KY   06/22/1923 Middlesboro, KY  ( death certificate # 19831 pulmonary tuberculosis /pneumonia) d/o W.L. Flowers b. VA  & Louise Marsee b. Claiborne Co., TN


French           Waymond Earl Jr.   09/09/1940    09/09/1940 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH s/o Waymond Earl French & Bertha Ayres


Friar            Edna England       06/30/1912 VA   12/09/1993 Middlesboro, KY  d/o Alvas Jasper Friar & Maggie Minton


Frye             William Brownlow       09/25/1900 Townsend Co., TN   06/25/1940 Clinchmore, Campbell Co., TN (death certificate # 35006 slate fall in coal mine, miner) s/o Unknown & Martha Ann Ray b. TN h/o Mary Compton


Frye            Ruben Parker           02/08/1905    02/05/1937 Carreyville, Campbell Co., TN  (death certificate # 2354 crushed by slate fall in mines, miner) s/o Ade Tipton Frye b TN & Martha Ann Rudd b. TN h/o Nellie Elizabeth Gilbert


Fuson    Myrtle   Christine Maxwell   06/21/1917    02/18/2007 Flat Rock, Wayne Co., MI  w/o Robert Grover Fuson


Fuson           James Robinson           03/17/1878    10/17/1936 Middlesboro, KY  s/o Matthew Fuson & Obedience “Biddy” Lee h/o Millie Eva Baker


Fuson           Millie Eva Baker        03/30/1881   09/03/1938 d/o Larkin Grove Baker & Susan Alice Smith w/o James Robinson Fuson


Fuson           Robert Grover          02/26/1908    08/25/1973 Middlesboro, KY  s/o James Robinson Fuson & Millie Eva Baker h/o  Myrtle Christine Maxwell


Fuson           Laura  May Swangin           05/15/1880 NC    06/08/1976 Bristol, Bristol Co., VA d/o Thomas B. Swayngime & Susan D. Evans w/o Robert Gilbert Fuson


Fuson           Robert Gilbert         09/15/1879    12/05/1957 s/o Matthew Fuson & Obedience “Biddy” Lee h/o Laura Goodwin


Garland         Captain             1865 Claiborne Co., TN         12/04/1924 mother was Elizabeth Garland  h/o Mary Ellen Turner


Garland         Louis C.             10/12/1922    09/27/1957 Campbell Co., KY (death record # 20362 residence OH)



Gibbs           Lizzie  (Louisa Elizabeth Ann Maddox)  03/04/1854 Claiborne Co., TN   04/12/1937 Claiborne Co., TN d/o Schoffied Maddox 1798 Cocke Co., TN & Nancy Fogelman b. 1811 w/o David Newton Gibbs b. 02/1848 Claiborne Co., TN d.1914 Claiborne Co., TN


Gibbs           Myrtle R.           05/20/1915    05/15/1922 d/o George Britton Gibbs & Nancy Jane Collins


Gibbs           Nancy Jane Collins           07/14/1890 TN   05/02/1946  Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA w/o George Britton Gibbs


Gibbs           Virgie L.           07/13/1924    01/26/1926 d/o George Britton Gibbs & Nancy Jane Collins


Gibson          Alfred              08/24/1923    11/30/1923 s/o Goode Gibson & Nancy Elizabeth Roberts


Gibson          C.H. (Charles)             10/11/1898    12/27/1910 s/o William Franklin Gibson & Phenetta Black


Gibson          Opal                04/26/1919    12/15/1923 d/o Goode Gibson & Nancy Elizabeth Roberts


Gibson          Bell                06/28/1901    06/28/1901 no records


Gibson          Good                10/25/1890    07/26/1965  s/o William Franklin Gibson & Phenetta “Nettie” Black h/o Nancy Elizabeth Robert


Gibson          Henry Doyle         11/25/1902    12/05/1924 (death certificate #  27314 fracture of the  spinal column and spinal cord)  s/o James Matthew Gibson & Julia Jones /married


Gibson          Henry F. (Franklin)         1875          07/03/1945 s/o William Franklin Gibson & Vicy Sowders h/o Virginia Ann Raines


Gibson          J. Matt  (James Matthew)            11/13/1872    10/18/1956 s/o William Franklin Gibson & Vicy Sowders h/o Julia Jones


Gibson          James Henry         10/27/1911     12/20/1970 Bell Co., KY h/o Anna Cox


Gibson          Jenny R. (Virginia Ann Raines             1877          06/29/1960 w/o Henry Franklin Gibson


Gibson          Julia Jones             07/19/1881    07/21/1958  d/o Wiley Joel Jones & Syrilda Jane Evans  w/o James Matthew Gibson


Gibson          Lizzie  (Nancy Elizabeth Roberts)   03/17/1896    08/27/1967 d/o Andrew Jackson Roberts & Sarah J. Wooten  w/o Goode Gibson


Gibson          Rebecca             no dates no records


Gibson          Rebecca Noe         11/17/1882    10/23/1921 (death certificate # 23765 tuberculosis)  d/o Joseph T. Noe & Vinia Faulkner w/o General Sherman Gibson


Gibson          W.F.     04/30/1888    07/10/1907 No records (might be son of William Franklin Gibson & Vicy Sowders)


Gilbert         Albert              03/06/1894    10/21/1969 Middlesboro, KY


Gilbert         James Edward        05/16/1876 VA  02/03/1939 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 3037 tuberculosis of the throat, occupation mining, load coal) s/o Andrew J. Gilbert b. VA & Unknown h/o Mary Burch


Giles           Ben                 12/25/1910 TN    01/21/1954 s/o Charles Giles & Minnie Hope Brown


Giles           Robert Joe          06/02/1936   06/15/1962 no records


Givens          Martha              08/14/1881    07/17/1904 w/o William Givens b. 1880 Hancock Co., TN


Gleece          Charlie L.          12/01/1909 Claiborne Co., TN   01/19/1932 s/o Joseph Gleece & Allie Woodward


Gleece          Joe                 03/08/1883    04/21/1942  (death certificate # 12748 pulmonary embolism, coal miner) parents unknown  h/o Allie Woodward


Gollon          Audrey C. Barnes           12/06/1927 Middlesboro, KY          1959 Atlantic City,  New Jersey d/o Charlie Barnes & Ora Givens w/o Stanley P. Gollon


Gordon          Cora Bell Turner          02/18/1890    05/14/1932 (death certificate # 15374 eclampsia/pregnancy) d/o John Turner & Martha Gibson w/o Neal Gordon


Gray            Wilma G. Turner     04/23/1933 St. Charles, VA    02/22/1934 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH d/o Floyd Gray & Bertha Ayres


Green           Billy R.            07/17/1934    05/24/1974 s/o Huey Green & Lena  Mae Coatney


Green           Dellia Mae          04/18/1937    07/26/1937 d/o Huey Green & Lena Mae Coatney


Green          Franklin D. 05/15/1938  07/23/1938 (death certificate # 18838 enteritis & convulsions) s/o Huey Green & Lena Mae Coatney (unmarked)


Green           George Henry        11/27/1895 Sneedville, Hancock Co., TN    01/22/1978 (death certificate # 030349) Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH s/o John H. Green & Vina Mathis


Green           Hermon A.           06/08/1921    06/07/1936 s/o George Henry Green & Isbella Mozingo


Green           Hughie (Huey) Bedford              1908          08/04/1955 s/o John H. Green  & Vina Mathis  h/o Lena Mae Coatney


Green           Isbella  Mazingo            03/13/1893    08/03/1990 d/o William Mozingo & Rachel Crutchfield w/o George Henry Green


Green           James Edward        10/15/1931    06/15/1932 ( death certificate #15373 marasmus) s/o Richard Green & Della Ramsey


Green            James Hershal       02/17/1940  08/21/1940 (death certificate # 18227 marasmus/malnutrition) s/o Huey Green & Lena Mae Coatney (unmarked)


Green           Jerry Wayne         07/10/1941    07/10/1941 no records


Green          Lena Mae Coatney  08/13/1913 KY 10/06/1940  ( death certificate # 22824 pulmonary tuberculosis/ nephritis) d/o Will Coatney b. TN & Lura Gibson b TN w/o Huey Green  (apparently unmarked)


Green           Linda Marie         03/03/1948    one date (no records)


Green           Marie Clair         03/23/1924   07/25/1957 d/o George Henry Green & Isbella Mazingo /single


Griffin         Dora                03/02/1876    03/02/1957 no records


Groves          Mary Langford       09/20/1886 TN    05/30/1935 (death certificate # 11149 cancer of the uterus & cervix) d/o Thomas Lankford b. TN & Manerva Sullivan b. TN w/o Charles Groves


Guinn           Elise               10/06/1898    07/06/1900 d/o William Allen Guinn & Jane Seals


Guinn           James A.            04/08/1898    08/19/1916


Guinn           Jane  Seals               11/10/1875    05/13/1904  might be d/o Zackeriah Seals & Nancy Mabe of w/o William Allen Guinn


Guinn           Martha Thomas       02/28/1889    09/16/1934 (death certificate # 21193 meningitis) d/o Floyd Thomas & Elizabeth Goins  w/o William Allen Guinn


Guinn           William Allen       05/30/1866 Hancock Co., TN    04/11/1943 s/o William Allen Guinn & Elizabeth Malicoat h/o 1st Jane Seals 2nd  Martha Thomas


Gunn            Pamela Elaine           09/29/1954    04/04/1978 Residence Bell Co., died in Fayette Co., KY


Guy             Oma                 07/02/1920    07/03/1920 no records


Guy             Waneida             03/19/1919    08/21/1919 no records


Hafer           Beulah Vivian Overton      02/11/1924    03/31/1992  d/o Chester A. Overton & Tincie Maples  w/o Walter Hafer Jr.


Hafer           Walter Jr.          08/25/1924    04/28/1982 (Heavy Weight boxer)  Veteran Marines WWII  s/o Walter Hafer & India E. Skaggs h/o Beulah Vivian Overton


Hall            Charlie             07/04/1882 Morgan Co., TN    05/11/1945 ( death certificate # 11544 cancer on foot) s/o  Sam Hall b. Morgan Co, TN & Unknown h/o Martha Ellen Fulton


Hall            Edith L.            11/11/1920    one date d/o Charlie Hall & Martha Fulton


Hall            Evert   (Everett Verlin)            09/30/1932    02/12/1938 s/o Charlie Hall & Martha Fulton


Hall            Linton              1922          1960 no records


Hall            Martha Ellen Fulton             11/29/1887    08/01/1956 w/o Charlie Hall


Hall            Paul J.             03/13/1926  Bell Co., KY  08/21/1983 s/o Charlie Hall & Martha Fulton


Hall            Pearl   Louise             03/06/1926 Whitley Co., KY   05/09/1947 (death certificate # 10197 pulmonary tuberculosis) d/o Charlie Hall & Martha Fulton /single


Hamitte (Hammitte)        Jake            07/17/1863 NC    03/20/1952 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY, residence Fork Ridge, Claiborne Co., TN (death certificate # 3991 bronchial pneumonia, logger, sawmill signed by Mrs. Clyde Hammitte )  s/o Benjamin Hammit b 1840 NC   & Nancy E. Jackson born 1846 Henderson, NC died 1920 Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC (d/o John Jackson & Elizbeth Brown)  h/o Josie M. Lowders


Hamitte  (Hammitte)       Josie M.  Lowders          01/11/1888 Fonde, KY   11/11/1947  TN residence: Fork Ridge, Claiborne Co., TN  ( death certificate # 2137388) d/o Ben Lowders b. Claiborne Co., TN & Katherine Hatfield b. TN w/o Jake Hamitte


Hatfield        Fay Etta   (Faze Etta listed as male)         11/19/1942    08/03/1943 (death Certificate # 23596 gastro enteritis) s/o Gilbert Hatfield & Goldie Dunn


Hatfield        L.F.  (Lafayette Fate)              10/12/1873    04/20/1957 s/o Calvin H. Hatfield  TN & Elizabeth Louisa Sowder KY   h/o 1st Sidney Partin 2nd  Matilda Bellew


Hatfield        Rosa  Ellen Arnold               04/08/1904  KY  12/29/1941 (death certificate #111 nephritis & mitral regurgitation) d/o Harlan Arnold  b. KY & Nancy Norton b. NC  w/o Lloyd Hatfield


Hawkins         Albert              06/17/1911    11/08/1954 s/o William Hawkins & Abbigail Jenkins


Hayes           Robert P.           03/18/1923    02/05/1987 (death certificate # 013352 died in Veterans Adm. Med. Ctr in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, residence Fairborn, Greene Co.,OH)  married


Hayes           Charles             03/27/1929    09/08/1932 no records


Hayes           Ruby  Smith              03/17/1906 Coal Creek, TN    07/05/1986 w/o Steve Barton Hayes


Hayes           Steve  Barton            12/18/1905 TN   11/17/1976 s/o James A. Hayes & Laura Douglas h/o Ruby Smith


Hayes           Vaughtia            01/11/1927    09/27/1931 no records


Hazeltine       Rachel Upton             11/25/1912    08/07/1938 ( death certificate # 18837 essential hypertension with cerebral hemorrhage) d/o Jack Upton & Mary Thompson w/o Loren Hazeltine


Head            Bennie              11/26/1926    05/28/1927 no records


Head            Hattie A. McGuire           02/13/1892    07/01/1958


Head     William   Roy   03/05/1913 Goins, TN    07/12/1933 Bell Co., KY s/o William Head & Hattie McGuire 


Head            William L. Cany           01/27/1881 Pineville, KY    05/27/1960 Middlesboro, KY s/o James Marion Head & Nancy Miracle h/o 1st Maggie Tinnel 2nd  Hattie McGuire


Heath           D.M. (Daily Mack)     03/12/1880 Claiborne Co., TN    01/04/1952 Middlesboro, KY(death certificate # 41 dead on arrival probably acute coronary occlusion due to hypertensive arteriosclerotic heart disease , occupation trucker) s/o William  Mynatt Heath & Nancy Jane Ousley h/o Catherine E. Webb


Heath           Thomas Paris       04/16/1887 Claiborne Co., TN    02/16/1940 Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 3071  lobar pneumonia due to influenza, coal miner) s/o William Mynatt Heath & Nancy Jane Ousley h/o Mollie Pridemore 2nd Emaline Eldridge


Heath           James Marion        12/05/1878 Claiborne Co., TN    05/04/1931 Bell Co., KY ( death certificate # 11312 instant death from slate fall, coal miner) s/o William Mynatt Heath & Nancy Jane Ousley h/o Bertie


Hendrickson     Arnold 05/24/1928  10/17/1932 (death certificate # 665? Unknown causes) s/o Samuel Hendrickson b. Claiborne Co., TN & Ellen Norton b. Union Co., TN informant Rhoda Hendrickson



Hendrickson     Bud R.              1938          one date  No Records


Hendrickson     Ellen  Norton           10/03/1901 Union Co., TN   11/23/1969 w/o Samuel Hendrickson


Hendrickson     George F.           05/20/1884    02/20/1965 s/o James Hendrickson & Martha Messer


Hendrickson     James               1926          one date  No Records


Hendrickson     James Thomas           08/14/1842    05/22/1928 s/o Harrod Hendrickson & Mary Baker h/o Rhoda Jane Noe


Hendrickson     Jim Tom   (James Thomas)          01/25/1875    10/24/1965 s/o James Thomas Hendrickson & Rhoda Jane Noe h/o Mary F. (Polly) Hendrickson


Hendrickson     Juanita             1934          one date  No Records


Hendrickson     Polly  (Mary F.)     08/27/1879    10/01/1975 d/o Solomon B. Hendrickson & Elizabeth J. Mason w/o Jim Tom Hendrickson


Hendrickson     Roda Jane Noe              12/01/1847    04/21/1930 (death certificate # 8217 died from cerebral hemorrhage) d/o Samuel  Noe & Elizabeth Jane  Sampson w/o James Thomas Hendrickson


Hendrickson     Samuel              07/07/1884 Claiborne Co., TN    04/29/1968 s/o James Thomas Hendrickson & Rhoda Jane Noe h/o Ellen Norton


Hensley         Bessie              03/06/1890    04/06/1957 died in Bell Co., KY (might be w/o William Hensley s/o James Hensley & Sarah Bingham)


Hensley         Andrew              one date D.   08/08/1982


Hensley         Bessie  G. Maples       11/22/1904    11/22/1987  Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan d/o John Maples & Luzina Money w/o Oscar Hensley (married  24 Dec 1923 Claiborne Co., TN)



Hensley         Henry               03/13/1879 TN   05/19/1926  Blackmont, Harlan Co., KY (death certificate # 230? Died in coal mine accident, coal miner) s/o John Hensley & Sarah Ann Goodin h/o


Hensley         Hubert              10/28/1908    06/07/1937 (death certificate # 15102 auto accident, coal miner) s/o Henry Hensley & Bertha Works w/o Opal Whitaker


Hensley         James W.            11/07/1932    11/18/1932 no records



Hensley         L.A.                01/11/1874    10/05/1938  no records



Hensley         Lizzie              1865          1938 no records


Hensley         Lula                12/21/1867    04/19/1936 w/o Joe A. Hensley (children Nellie & Stella)



Hensley        Oscar               09/10/1900 Flag Pond,  TN   08/19/1948 (death certificate # 15655 died from accident in coal mine /circulatory system) s/o Marion Hensley & Cordelia Cody h/o Lizzie


Hensley         Ralph               01/14/1934    09/14/1934 (death certificate # 24079 bronchial pneumonia) s/o Clarence Hensley & Vesta  Gray



Hensley         Willie Lee          12/12/1924    04/13/1957 s/o Oscar Hensley &  Bessie Maples


Hill            Aleen  (Aileen)             02/06/1945    02/06/1945  d/o Barlow Hill & Daisy Lynch


Hill            Daisy        05/30/1902    07/28/1982  d/o George C. Lynch & Emily M. Ford  w/o 1st  Barlow Hill 2nd Charley Poore


Hill            Harry Denver  Jr.        06/07/1943 Dayton, OH    04/23/1944  (death certificate # 8451 entero colitis) s/o Harry Denver Hill & Frances Gibson


Hill            William W.          10/17/1898  (1896 SSI records)   10/03/1972 died in Bell Co., KY


Holman          Henry Clay          05/08/1938    01/10/1939 (death certificate # 107 bronchial pneumonia due to influenza) s/o Otis B. Holman & Laura Rogers


Honeycutt       General Grant          07/15/1888 Claiborne Co., TN  01/17/1952 (death certificate # 25 coronary occlusion, coal miner) s/o Henry Honeycutt &  (Hester J.) Dolly Russell h/o Lillie Reedy


Honeycutt       Lillie L. (Lillian Louemmie Reedy)    03/27/1897 Claiborne Co., TN    12/23/1970  Eloise, Wayne Co., MI d/o James L. “Caney” Reedy & Mary C. Stone w/o General Grant Honeycutt


Honeycutt       Cliva Olin          09/13/1913    11/03/1968 s/o General Grant Honeycutt & Lillie Reedy h/o Daisy M. Turner


Hood    ( Charles)    Clarence            06/06/1917    05/04/1935 ( death certificate # 11139 fractured skull, fell from bicycle, truck driver for hire) s/o James Calvin Hood & Luticia Angeline  Hensley h/o Opal Mae  Johnson


Hood            Tishie  (Luticia Angeline Hensley)       04/04/1879  Harlan Co., KY    04/16/1951 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY  (death certificate # 6373 carcinoma, buried as Tishie Mason) d/o James Garrett Hensley & Caroline Brittain w/o James Calvin Hood


Hopper          Bill (William)     06/08/1887 Claiborne Co., TN    07/26/1945 ( death certificate # 13870 gunshot wound under arm/homicide  in yard of home no inquest requested, coal miner) s/o Jordan Hopper b. Claiborne Co., TN & Mary Elizabeth Marsee b. Somerset, KY h/o Maggie Johnson


Hopper          Gillis Clayton      11/09/1915 Bell Co., KY   09/05/1989 Harrogate, TN  WWII Army Veteran  s/o William Hopper & Maggie Johnson h/o Lena Nunn


Hopper          Maggie Johnson             05/05/1891 TN   01/15/1973 w/o William Hopper


Hoskins         Hansford Warren       07/10/1936   11/28/1939 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 28902 bronchial pneumonia due to influenza)  s/o Steve Hoskins  Lillie Davis


Hoskins         Jerry Anthony       12/10/1944    08/22/1963  s/o Steve Hoskins & Lillie Davis


Hoskins         Margie Loe          05/26/1940    04/23/1948 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 9077 respiratory failure due to post-infectious encephalitis (measles) d/o Steve Hoskins & Lillie Davis


Hoskins         Clifford            08/13/1924    09/24/1934 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 21180 heart block during anesthesia due to osteo-myelitis) s/o Steve Hoskins & Lillie Davis


Howard          Cleo                07/15/1904    04/07/1923 ( death certificate # 19810 tuberculosis) d/o Robert Howard & Doshie Money


Howerton        Doshia A.           11/05/1972    02/10/1987d/o Mary A. Cheek


Howerton        Eva Baker                04/28/1913    01/02/1985 d/o Frank Baker & Angie Mason w/o Steve Howerton Sr.


Howerton        Steve Jr.           03/02/1927    01/24/1950 (death certificate # 82 fractured skull & internal head injuries due to car accident, coal miner ) s/o John S. Mefford & Cora Howerton h/o Lena Cupp


Howerton        Steve Sr.  (Stephen J.)         03/09/1905  (1906)  01/24/1950 (death certificate # 1681 shock & cerebral hemorrhage due to auto accident, coal miner) s/o John Howerton & Dora Yeager h/o Eva Baker


Huddleston      Bessie              11/27/1905    12/30/1977 1st  w/o Thomas Huddleston


Huddleston      Lura Green              02/10/1888    03/30/1976 2nd w/o Thomas Huddleston


Huddleston      Sherman             05/??/1879 TN    02/05/1947 (death certificate # 2551 heart failure, parrier) s/o Dillard Huddleston & Unknown, h/o 1st Lou Verna Powers 2nd  Ollie Patterson


Huddleston      Thomas Milford          07/23/1887 Clearfield, Claiborne Co.,  TN    12/24/1941(1940) Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 27541 hung himself from an apple tree/suicide, miner retired due to ill health) s/o Pen Huddleston & Nancy Jane Huddleston of Clearfield, TN h/o 1st Bessie 2nd Lura Green


Huddleston      Vernia   (Lou  Verna)        08/08/1881    10/13/1937 (25023 cancer) d/o Wesley Powers & Nancy Orsborne  1st w/o Sherman Huddleston


Hughett         Barbara Sue         06/30/1949    09/26/1949 (death certificate # 17653 diarrhea, etiology,  unknown causes) d/o John Hughett & Dessie Turner


Hundley         Raymond Estle          03/02/1933 (1934)    03/04/1949 (death certificate # 4034 meningoccal  meningitis/fulminating) s/o Jay Hunley & Anna Rains


Hunley          Dorothy H.          06/04/1920    12/28/1920 No Records


Hunter          Janice Faye         08/07/1949    04/18/1955 d/o Edward Lee Hunter &  Gretchen Ruth  Russell


Hurst           Lela M.             07/09/1914    09/29/1960 died in Middlesboro, KY age 46


Hutson          Paul Dean           08/23/1941    08/16/1943 no records


Hyden           Amanda Elizzie Hammonds     07/28/1892    09/27/1966 w/o William Henry Hyden


Hyden           Bertie Marlene      06/23/1933 Fork Ridge, TN    02/27/1950 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 3900 died from tuberculosis/meningitis or possible brain tumor) d/o William Henry Hyden & Amanda Elizzie Hammonds


Hyden           William Henry     11/15/1892 Whitley Co., KY   04/21/1976 Cumberland Gap, TN s/o Samuel Slater Hyden & Rachel Marlena Cupp h/o Amanda Elizzie Hammonds


Jeffries        Nora Belle Sellers  04/16/1886  New Market, Jefferson Co., TN  11/19/1961 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH unmarked d/o Reuben T. Sellers & Nancy E. Elmore w/o Samuel Arthur Jeffries


Jeffries        Rueben Harry        11/30/1930    10/25/1937 Harlan Co., KY unmarked (death certificate # 25793diphtheria) s/o Samuel Jeffries & Nora Sellers


Jeffries        Samuel Arthur       09/10/1886 Clinton, TN    09/15/1950 Middlesboro, KY unmarked (death certificate # 17425 cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerotic heart disease, coal miner) s/o Benjamin Jeffries & Nancy Chavis h/o Nora Belle Sellers


Johnson         Artemus Winfield       10/26/ 1913 Tazewell, Claiborne, TN       07/13/1958 Bell Co., KYs/o Ephren Winfield Johnson & Cora Lee Alston h/o Jessie E. Turner


Johnson         Betty Ann  Keck         11/??/1853 (11/10/1852) TN  02/18/1937 Middlesboro, KY(death certificate # 3083 senility ) d/o Matt Keck & Harley Johnson w/o Eljah Johnson


Johnson         Clarence V.         11/26/1912    01/19/1958 s/o Buckner Columbus Johnson & Mattie Ethel Turner


Johnson         Elijah  Marshall            10/??/1845    05/??/1933 s/o William Tobe Johnson & Sarah Jane Fortner h/o Betty Ann Keck


Johnson         Howard Grant           06/23/1942    04/29/1943 (death certificate # 10183 influenza) s/o Howard Grant Johnson & Juanita Lovell


Johnson         Howard L.           06/02/1917    11/21/1989 s/o  Buckner Columbus Johnson & Mattie Ethel Turner


Johnson         J.L.           10/02/1934    06/15/1980 died in Bell Co., KY 


Johnson         Jessie Ethel Turner          02/25/1921 Bell Co., KY     08/17/ 2001 Harrogate, Claiborne, TN d/o Lewis Franklin Turner & Mary Margaret Martin w/o 1st Hubert E. England 2nd Artemus Winfield Johnson


Johnson         Lillie Barnett             10/02/1910    07/12/1997 d/o White Barnett  & Minnie Denny w/o Ray Johnson


Johnson         Shirley             05/18/1918    09/30/1936  ( death certificate # 23559 gun shot wound homicide “coroner’s inquest”,  truck driver for Coca Cola) s/o Elmer Johnson & Ida Turner h/o Corletta Hill


Johnson         Susie (Margaret Susie Dunn)   05/26/1912  Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY   11/18/1947 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY d/o Rufus C. Dunn & Liza Parker w/o William Lester Johnson


Johnson         Tricia C.           no dates


Johnson         William Lester        05/14/1899  Knox Co., KY  09/07/1980 Middlesboro, Bell Co, KY s/o Will Johnson & Laura Brown h/o Margaret Susie Dunn


Jones           Mitchell             02/14/1903 Knox Co., KY   05/11/1977 Bell Co., KY s/o Riley Jones & America Charity Golden h/o Vestenia Mason


Jones           Rosa J.              02/05/1900    02/02/1969 died in Bell Co., KY might be d/o Riley Jones & America Charity Golden


Jones           Vestenia Mason         12/04/1909    one date (02/25/2002 in Amherst, Lorain Co., OH, )  d/o Steve  Mason& Druscilla Partin w/o Mitchell Jones


Keck            Annette              02/02/1941    07/13/1946 ( death certificate # 14409 killed instantly by automobile within Middlesboro City limits) d/o Hobart Keck & Sallie Settles


Keck            Floyd                12/14/1916    01/03/1975 s/o Thomas Ely Keck & Sarah Alice Russell w/o Bertha


Keck            Robert               1921          12/05/1986 s/o Ronda Keck & Francie Williams


Kelley         Gothelia        11/18/1934          01/30/1935 (death certificate #116 intestinal influenza) d/o W.S. Kelley of NC & Ida Reid of TN


Kilburn         Roy Jr.              07/19/1937    05/15/1938 might be  s/o Roy Kilburn & Ruby of TN


King            Bertha Rhodes              11/20/1902    March 1982 d/o James Madison Rhodes & Sarah Latisha Partin w/o John King


King            Carl                 05/21/1930    05/03/1954  Might be son of Carl and Edna King of Yoakum Station, Lee Co, VA


King            Gary Ray             12/02/1933    08/09/1980 no records


King            John                 08/18/1900    06/26/1975 (coal miner) s/o Alex King  & Maggie Ewing h/o  Bertha Rhodes (2nd wife)


King            Richard Carr         08/23/1995    08/23/1995 no records


Kivett          S. Troy  (Samuel)            04/09/1887    09/23/1929 s/o William F. & Julia A. Kivett of Claiborne Co., TN h/o Zimi Weaver


Labukas         Delphy Virginia  Rhinehart    10/11/1915    02/16/2004 d/o Elijah Hershel Rhinehart & Sarah Ellen  France w/o Christ V. Labukas  06/07/1895 Cily Ippeos Matalyn, Greece01/04/1976 Dayton, Montgomery,  OH (buried in Dayton National Cemetery Veteran of WWII)


Labukas         Infant               01/04/1979    one date no records


Lamb            Flordia              1869          1920 no records


Lambdin         Lora Belle Lawson         12/25/1891    10/01/1949 d/o J. Duke Lawson & Matilda Lawson w/o James Wess Lambdin


Lambdin         Rev. James Wess      01/06/1891    08/06/1973 s/o William Siler Lambdin & Martha Hamblin h/o Lora Bell Lawson 2nd Mary Hurst

Lasley          Dana Gail            05/25/1951    06/26/1952 d/o John F. Lasley & Ruth G. Adams


Lasley          John F.              05/31/1908 Claiborne Co., TN    11/17/1980 Bell Co., KY s/o William H. Lasley & Emily Margaret Myers/Moyers  h/o Ruth G. Adams


Lasley          Ray J. (John)            11/18/1936 (11/20/1936 birth records John Ray Lasley, mother Ruth)    12/15/1967 s/o John F. Lasley & Ruth G. Adams


Lasley          Ruth G. Adams           02/14/1914    01/22/1982 d/o James Bailey  Adams & Mary Katie  Marsee w/o John F. Lasley


Lasley          Shirley Ann          07/06/1945    03/14/1994  probably d/o John F. Lasley & Ruth G. Adams w/o Jones /mother of John Ray Jones


Archer       Evelyn               01/10/1924(1923 death records) Lafollette, TN   06/09/1951 (listed as Evelyn Archer in the Kentucky death index) (death certificate # 10871 myocardial failure, rheumatic heart disease) d/o George Archer & Mandy J. Houston /single


Lauharn         Herbert L. Archer    04/12/1952    04/09/1976 s/o John H. Lauharn & Mary Ellen Archer


Lauharn         John H.              06/08/1905    05/24/1979 s/o Nathan Lauharn & Nancy Jane Delk h/o Mary Ellen Archer


Lauharn         Mary Ellen Archer          07/28/1926 Whitley Co.,KY   06/06/1992 d/o George Archer & Mandy J. Houston w/o John H. Lauharn


Lawson          Burgie Lee           02/16/1922    10/28/1942 (death certificate # 21338? Gunshot would, killed instantly, homicide, truck drive, coal hauler outside) s/o John A. Lawson & Mattie Raines /single


Lawson          Manard (Horace Maynard)        12/14/1861 Campbell Co., TN    05/11/1933 (death certificate # 10546 apoplexy, due to arteriosclerosis, farmer) probably s/o Aaron Lawson  & Tabitha Wilhite  h/o Margaret Wilson


Ledbetter       Almiria              10/07/1843    07/04/1905 w/o James F. Ledbetter (Civil War Veteran) Claiborne Co., TN


Ledger          Eva  O. Gollahon             06/22/1883 TN   08/16/1957d/o William Henderson Gollahon & Rachel Kelley w/o Frank Ledger


Ledger          Frank                10/27/1875  Lee Co, VA   12/29/1959 (coal miner, lost right eye) mother Louisa, h/o Eva Gollahan


Lee             Albert Harrison         12/24/1892 Lee Co., VA  05/10/1945 Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 11571 burned to death in home conflagration, coroner’s inquest) s/o Henry Joseph Lee b.Lee Co., VA & Maggie Quillen b. Hawkins Co., TN h/o Theodocia Marsee


Lee             Theodocia Marsee         10/22/1896   05/10/1945 (death certificate # 11572 burned to death in home conflagration, coroner’s inquest) d/o George Marsee & Katherine Jones w/o Albert Harrison Lee


Lewis           Delora Turner        10/01/1904    02/22/1980


Lewis           Elizabeth            08/10/1925    09/15/1928 (death certificate # 24041gastric  troubles?) d/o Ernest Lewis b.Ashland, KY & Lottie Marcum b. Cumberland Gap, TN


Lewis           Lizzie Mason         06/09/1908 TN     02/16/1956 MI  d/o James Lewis Mason & Chloe Della Moyers  w/o George T. Lewis


Lewis           Alice Caroline Sapp            11/01/1871    02/26/1956 d/o William Sapp & Elizabeth Welch w/o Timothy A. Lewis


Lewis           Clifford             07/15/1929 (1928)   08/??/1931 s/o George T. Lewis & Lizzie Mason


Lewis           Levi Mitchell        04/30/1913    03/02/1943 s/o Timothy A. Lewis & Alice C. Sapp h/o Lilia


Lewis           Rev. T.A. (Timothy)     05/16/1867    01/18/1936 s/o Ancil Lewis & Sarah Jane Sivils h/o Alice Caroline Sapp


Looper          Gools Thomas         10/07/1895 Monterey, TN    01/27/1948  Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 2084 asthma and heart condition/probable heart attack, no physician, no inquest held,  coal miner) s/o Attison Looper b. Monterey, TN & Christine Bowman b. Monterey, TN h/o Anna Mae Phipps


Lovel           Louisa C.   Moore         08/07/1851 TN    12/02/1925  d/o John Moore & Mary “Polly”  Bledsoe w/o William N. Lovell


Lovel           W.N. (William)                10/08/1848 TN   01/07/1927 s/o James Lovell & Elsie Moore h/o Louisa C. Moore (wed 05 Jul 1868 Claiborne Co., TN)


Lovell          Effie (Eva) Mae Overbay           12/24/1901    04/16/1967 d/o William Overbay & Fannie Elizabeth Lamb w/o Walter Lovell


Lovell          Ella                 04/28/1885    12/06/1918 1st w/o James A. Lovell


Lovell          Emmaline  Shelton           08/25/1875    04/01/1961 2nd w/o James A. Lovell


Lovell          Hazel Webb           05/27/1906 TN   01/20/1988  d/o George Henry Webb & Alice Minton w/o Robert Levi Lovell


Lovell          Horace Frances       11/08/1910    08/14/1964 s/o James A. Lovell & Emmaline Shelton h/o Thelma Marsee


Lovell          James Arville             12/25/1872    10/20/1951  s/o Lovell &  Phebe Jane Tollett  h/o Emmaline Shelton


Lovell          Marget   Lawson          07/10/1888    07/20/1945 w/o Libern Severe Lovell


Lovell          Patsy Bernice        04/08/1947    09/09/1966 d/o Horace Lovell &  Thelma Marsee


Lovell          Rev. L.S. (Libern Severe)     05/27/1880    12/24/1937 s/o William N. Lovel & Louisa C. Moore  h/o Margaret Lawson


Lovell          Robert Levi          08/15/1903    06/25/1972  s/o James A. Lovelle & Ella  h/o Hazel Webb


Lovell          W.H.  (Wesley Howard)         03/14/1894    02/13/1919 s/o William N. Lovell & Louisa C. Moore h/o Fanny Roberts


Lovell          Walter               04/24/1901    01/31/1960 h/o Effie Mae Overbay


Lovell          Gladis W.            07/27/1923    09/11/1923


Luckadoo        Bessie               07/21/1921    05/19/1995 d/o John Luckadoo & Myrtle Carroll


Luckadoo        Shelby               06/24/1923 Bell Co., KY   10/27/1991 Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH s/o John Luckadoo &  Myrtle Carroll


Mace            Rev. N.A. (Newson)      01/06/1847 Greene Co., TN    02/13/1945 Fonde, Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 2488 exhaustion due to infirmity of age) parents unknown, signed by Mack Mace


Madon           Harry B.             1917         10/09/1977 Bell Co., KY


Madon           Mrs S.M.  (Neely Buel)           09/05/1884    01/02/1940 (death certificate # 103 broncho pneumonia due to chronic athsma)  d/o Ephraim Buel/Bull  & Mary Jane Baker  w/o Silas Madon


Madon           Silas                Sp Am War     04/19/1873 New River, TN  02/06/1942 Middlesboro, Rt. #1, Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 2643 angina pectoris, ex-soldier)  s/o James Martin  Madon & Thursy Jane Gibson  h/o 1st Neely Buel  2nd  Susie Chapman


Maiden   (William)    Bryant       05/15/1901    12/19/1985 s/o Wiley Maiden & Sarah Elizabeth Lowe  h/o Mary Ellen Vaughn


Maiden          James Alvin          06/07/1941 Lynch, KY    03/18/1947 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 4750 unknown cause of death, no physician) s/o Virgil Maiden & Ethel Partin


Maiden          Mackie Dean          03/04/1943    06/23/1945 s/o Virgil Maiden & Ethel Partin


Maiden          Mary Ellen Vaughn             01/26/1901    11/08/1994 d/o Thomas Jefferson Vaughn & Martha Boles w/o Bryant Maiden


Maples          Clayton              05/17/1908    06/27/1939 (death certificate # 14177 pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic pyelitis and cystitis with multiple urinary pistula, fractured pelvis from falling rocks, laborer) s/o John Maples & Luzena Money /single


Maples          John                 08/04/1872    04/03/1931 (death certificate # 8640 lobar pneumonia) s/o Bill Maples b. Union Co., TN Sarah Webb b. KY h/o Luzena Money


Maples          Alva Dora    01/23/1879 TN   03/07/1962  s/o Joseph C. Maples & Sarah Surber h/o Mary Sutton


Maples          Emma Ledger          10/06/1905 Barbourville, Knox Co., KY    11/09/1945 (death certificate # 22538 pellagra) d/o Frank Ledger & Eva Gallahon w/o Robert L. Maples


Maples          Ethel Burch          03/28/1913    04/05/1995 Pinellas Co., FL w/o Rema Maples


Maples          Ida  Hoskins                06/12/1878    07/18/1943 (  death certificate # 25811 obstruction of the bowel)  parents unknown  2nd w/o Joseph C. Maples


Maples          Joe  (Joseph C.)        09/29/1855 VA   01/28/1930 s/o William H. Maples & Sally Bullard h/o 1st  Sarah Surber 2nd Ida Hoskins


Maples          Joe Tip              11/07/1935    01/30/1936 s/o Joseph Frank  Maples


Maples          Lee Roy              06/22/1897    06/10/1971 s/o John Maples & Luzena Money


Maples          Mary Ann Sutton       08/17/1885 Claiborne Co., TN    08/11/1952 ( death certificate # 16532 Auricular fibrillation, congestive heart failure)  d/o Hugh Paul Sutton & Amanda Wyrick w/o James Henderson Maples


Maples          Mary E. Sutton            01/11/1883    12/04/1976 d/o James Sutton & Elizabeth Snavely w/o Alva Dora Maples


Maples          Minnie               09/05/1895    09/14/1964 died in Harlan Co., Residence Florida


Maples          Sherman Herman         06/05/1918    03/28/1995 s/o James Henderson Maples & Mary Ann Sutton


Maples          Zenia  (Luzena)  Money             12/05/1880 Claiborne Co., TN    04/26/1942 d/o John Brown Money & Lydia Taylor Sales  w/o John Maples


Marcum          Roy Virgil      06/12/1901 TN   08/06/1947 (death certificate # 16928 crushed in coal mine accident, ruptured bladder, uremic coma, fracture of pelvis, three weeks and 3 days in hospital,  coal miner) s/o James Marcum & Mary Rhea h/o Elsie Alexander (wed 02 Apr 1921 Claiborne Co., TN)


Marlow          William Daniel       03/01/1924 Bell Co., KY  02/15/1974 Fort Wayne, IN h/o Betha Margaret Wells s/o  Marlow & Abbie Hensley


Marsee          Alice  Wallace          05/20/1881    02/09/1961d/o John Wallace & Alice  w/o John Jackson  Marsee


Marsee          Amanda Lee           09/03/1863    05/10/1904  d/o Henry Turner & Mary C. Burch  w/o Joseph Peter Marsee


Marsee          Arthur  Rolling            07/26/1907    01/16/1993 s/o Speed Marsee & Pearl Yeary  h/o  Edna Jenkins


Marsee          Birtie L. (Bertha Lee) Hall           09/04/1906    03/26/1994 d/o David Amberham Hall & Gelanie Alifair Saylor  w/o William H. Marsee


Marsee          Charlie Archibald           04/24/1899 Knox Co., KY    07/04/1951 Trosper, Knox Co., KY s/o  Robert George Marsee & Nancy  Catherine Jones h/o Nancy Melvina Carr


Marsee          David N.             09/21/1948    09/21/1948 no records


Marsee          Edna L. Jenkins           03/14/1912 Sevierville, TN   10/19/1948  ( death certificate # 19727 myocardial degeneration & carcinoma of the left ovary & bladder)  d/o Harmon Jenkins b. TN & Bessie White b. TN w/o Arthur Marsee


Marsee Eugene 01/31/1924 08/17/1924 s/o William Henry Marsee & Bertha Hall


Marsee          Harry                07/28/1912    03/19/1966 s/o  Speed Marsee & Pearl Yeary


Marsee          Isaac Newton         06/03/1897    07/06/1935 s/o William H. Marsee & Mary Jane Hopper  h/o Fannie Bradley Waggener


Marsee          J.J. (John Jackson)               02/01/1879    02/09/1946 (death certificate #  2889 coronary occlusion, chronic edema, carcinoma of stomach, retired miner) s/o William D. Marsee & Sarah G. Carroll h/o Alice Wallace


Marsee          J.P.  (Joseph Peter)       08/06/1851    04/10/1957 s/o William Marsee  (s/o John Jackson Marsee & Francis Smith) & Catherine Marsee (d/o John Chadwell Marsee & Nancy Jane Sowder) h/o Amanda Lee Turner 2nd Sarah Matilda Sutton 3rd Martha Denney (31 Jan 1881 Claiborne Co., TN)


Marsee          James Preston          05/20/1895    10/28/1900 s/o William D. Marsee & Sarah G. Carroll


Marsee          James Preston        09/27/1849    06/06/1933 s/o Speedwell Marsee & Nancy Snuffer h/o Cynthia A. Turner


Marsee          Jannie  Edwards             05/10/1904    10/13/1958  (wed 18 Nov 1931) 1st w/o Frank Marsee (his 2nd wife was Lucy Simpson)


Marsee          Lila Opal            10/22/1904    12/16/1904 d/o Speed Marsee & Pearl Yeary


Marsee          Matilda (Sarah Matilda Sutton)    05/15/1878    07/05/1958  d/o James Sutton & Elizabeth Snavely 2nd w/o Joseph Peter Marsee


Marsee          Nancy Catherine  Jones       06/16/1859         07/16/1945 d/o Francis Milton Jones and Sarah Marsee w/o Robert George Marsee


Marsee          Pearl  Ella Yeary              02/11/1890    09/11/1966 d/o William Ewing Yeary & Marthenia Baker  w/o Speed Marsee


Marsee          Pete                 08/08/1903    07/03/1981 died in Bell Co., KY


Marsee          Sarah A.             10/27/1872 Virginia     07/25/1917 w/o 1st     William  Dillman  2nd  William D. Marsee


Marsee          Sarah G.             02/04/1857    11/30/1899 d/o John Wesley Carroll & Nancy Ann York


Marsee          Speed  (Speedwell M.)    07/13/1881    01/12/1970 s/o William D. Marsee & Sarah G. Carroll h/o Pearl Yeary


Marsee          W.D. (William D)     04/12/1852 Knox Co., KY  08/23/1912 Bell Co., KY s/o Speedwell Marsee & Nancy Snuffer h/o   Sarah G. Carroll


Marsee          W.H.                 10/04/1887    10/24/1900 unknown


Marsee          William H.           06/03/1894    04/27/1962 s/o Joseph Peter Marsee & Amanda Lee Turner h/o Birtie (Bertha) Lee Hall


Marsee          Willie L.            06/12/1911    03/08/1913 s/o J.J. Marsee & Alice Wallace


Marsee          Z.M. (Zack)                 06/16/1887    11/17/1926 s/o William H. Marsee & Mary Jane Hopper h/o Bertha Spitzer




Marsee          R.N. (Robert Nuton)               05/08/1914  (1916) KY  09/01/1923 Bryson, Claiborne Co, TN  s/o B.H. Marsee & Ethel McKenney


Masingo          Myrtle  V. Turner            07/04/1925   06/23/1995  d/o George Turner &  Lizzie Hendricks w/o Bruce Masingo


Masingo          Press  (William Preston)        05/08/1898    01/15/1939 s/o Phillip Fielding Settle Masingo & Martha Norton h/o Ella Thelma Goldsmith


Mason            David Luster            04/09/1901    12/27/1927 (death certificate # 26879 gunshot wound/accident, worked at paper mill) s/o William Jackson  Mason & Rosie McFall


Mason            J.L. (James Lewis)             10/17/1879    08/20/1933 (death certificate # 22646) s/o Willam Mason & Elizabeth  Webb h/o Chloe Della Moyers


Mason            Mary B.  Redmon      08/05/1907    01/30/1994  d/o John Paul “Pink”  Redmon & Annie Victoria Cole w/o Milford Mason


Mason            Mary J.             04/05/1919    04/16/1920  d/o James Lewis Mason & Chloe Della Moyers


Mason            Milford            02/14/1902    09/12/1966 s/o William Jackson Mason & Rosa McFalls h/o Mary B. Redmon


Mason            Nancy Ann Lee           02/11/1836    10/14/1913 (Nancy Ann Mayson born 02/06/1837 died 09/29/1913  death certificate # 23562 pellagra died in Middlesboro, KY  d/o Daniel Lee & Belle Jackson burial in the Raynes Graveyard) married John P. Mason 01 Jun 1853  Knox Co., KY (John P. Mason born Mar 1833 died 1910 s/o John E. Mason & Rebecca Elizabeth Gibson)


Mason            Nancy J. Partin           07/11/1856    12/10/1922 ( death certificate # 25932 erisypilus) d/o William M. Partin  & Della Madan w/o James David Mason (wed 29 Dec 1873) s/o John P. Mason & Nancy Ann Lee


Mason            Alvin H.            03/05/1939    07/15/1995 s/o Robert Mason &  Hazel Shumate


Mason            Calvin C.           03/05/1939    10/04/1945 s/o Robert Mason & Hazel Shumate


Mason            Eva  (Clearcy Evaline Beeler)  01/10/1911    01/22/1934 d/o William Marshall Beeler & Leva Jane Heck w/o James Newton Mason


Mason            James L.            02/29/1932    12/31/1951s/o James Newton Mason &  Clearcy Evaline  Beeler


Mason            Kimberly Ann        09/12/1968  09/12/1968 d/o Elbert Mason Jr. & Shirley Parker


Mason            Lee Edward          08/05/1941    08/27/1993 (died of leukemia)  s/o  Ulys Mason & Sarah Alice Carroll


Mason            Rev Steve (Phillip Steve)           03/12/1878    01/29/1959 s/o John P. Mason & Nancy Lee h/o Druzilla Partin


Mason            Sarah Alice Carroll        08/11/1903 Grainger Co., TN    12/11/1978 d/o Riley Carroll & Rutha Gordon  w/o Ulys Mason


Mason            Sussie Gibson    01/07/1879 Claiborne Co., TN    01/24/1943 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 159 unknown cause of death) d/o Green Berry  Gibson & Jane Fletcher w/o Matthew  Mason


Mason            Ulys                12/01/1894    06/24/1963 s/o John Thomas Mason & Sarah  Elizabeth Partin  h/o Sarah Alice Carroll


Mason            C. Dewitt           08/17/1924    08/17/1924 (death certificate # 8293 stillborn) s/o Ulys Mason & Sarah Alice Carroll


Mason            W.N. (William Nelson)     06/28/1898    07/14/1946 ( death certificate # 14411) s/o James Lewis Mason & Chloe Della Moyers  h/o Rosa Lewis


Maupin           James Russell       05/10/1950    08/01/1994


Mays             Axie Viola          02/18/1919    03/02/1919 d/o Albert Watson Mays & Minnie Payne


Mays             Axie Viola          04/17/1903    11/11/1918 d/o John James Mays & Charity Belle Kirk


Mays             Charity Belle Kirk      05/05/1867   10/20/1927 d/o James Lacy Kirk & Lydia Ann Disney w/o John James Mays


Mays             Ivy Irene           04/20/1920    09/30/1922 (death certificate # 25934 malnutrition due to intestinal indigestion) d/o Albert Watson Mays & Minnie Payne


Mays             J.J. (John James)    02/02/1867 TN    10/26/1934 Middlesboro, KY( death certificate # 24083 pellagra due to insufficient diet, unbalanced diet, coal miner, widowed) s/o Henry Mays & Martha Ivey both born TN h/o Charity Belle Kirk


Mays             James Edward        06/10/1922    06/10/1922 s/o Ivey Samuel Mays & Josie Hanner Payne


Mays             Johnnie Ann         06/15/1935    01/10/1936 d/o Ivey Samuel Mays & Josie Hanner Payne


Mays             Lucy Evelyn        03/19/1905    05/15/1942 d/o John James Mays & Charity Belle Kirk


Mays             Minnie Payne    08/13/1894 Lee Co., VA    09/14/1935 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate 3 21204 pyelitis due to alcohol) d/o Jacob Payne & Sallie Warman w/o Albert Watson Mays


Mays             Otto O.             11/01/1926    04/26/1927 s/o Ivey Samuel Mays & Josie Hanner Payne


Mays             Roy Truman          06/06/1924    10/03/1938 s/o Ivey Samuel Mays & Josie Hanner Payne


McFarland        George W.           03/19/1909    09/30/1967 s/o Alfred McFarland & Flora Lynch h/o Treasa Edna Cupp


McGeorge         Catherine Jane Branscomb   02/02/1902    11/13/1992 d/o Joseph Branscomb & Rachel Gibbs w/o David McGeorge


McGeorge         David    08/20/1887    02/22/1973 s/o William Lewis  McGeorge & Rosa Ellen Wilder h/o 1st Matilda Green 2nd Catherine Jane Branscomb


McMullin         Bessie L. (Elizabeth Nichols)          04/29/1903    02/18/1992 w/o Semon R. McMullin


McMullin         Semon R.            05/06/1892    01/11/1963 s/o Robert McMullin & Emily h/o Bessie


Mefford          Alvis Marion        01/10/1888    07/15/1978 s/o Alvis Marion Mefford & Malinda Foust h/o Rutha Williams


Mefford          Arthur              08/31/1926    06/18/1987 s/o Alvis Marion Mefford & Rutha Williams


Mefford          James               08/16/1888    one date s/o Alvis Marion Mefford & Malinda Foust h/o Liza Jane Adkins


Mefford          Liza Jane Adkins    07/25/1888 Anderson Co., TN    05/03/1956 d/o Wyatt Adkins & Rosannah Chambers w/o James Mefford


Mefford          Rutha Ethel Williams             09/21/1902    02/21/1984 d/o Parish Williams & Ellen A. Ledbetter w/o Alvis Marion Mefford


Mefford          Samuel Marsee  07/12/1922 Jellico, TN   08/17/1925 (death certificate # intero colitis) s/o Alvis Marion Mefford & Rutha Williams


Meford           Davie   (David Mefford)      09/01/1921 Proctor, KY    10/23/1941 (death certificate # 23455, electrocution. Accident in Premier Mines, Premier, KY, miner) s/o James Mefford & Telia Adkins /single


Melton           John W.    09/30/1875   06/25/1965 s/o William Melton & Charlotte  of Leslie Co., KY


Mifford          Ellen England  03/09/1904 Claiborne Co., TN   10/07/1978 d/o Walter Dugan England & Mary Jane Welch w/o John Mifford


Mifford          Alvis Marion        07/02/1933 KY   09/28/1934 (death certificate # 21420 bronchial pneumonia) s/o John Mefford b. Coal Creek, TN & Ellen England b. Claiborne Co., TN


Mifford          Belly Jean          04/28/1938    09/14/1938 no records


Mifford          Johnnie S.          05/11/1890 TN   03/01/1967 s/o Alvis Marion Mefford & Malinda Foust h/o Ellen England


Mifford          Lucill              04/10/1930    08/23/1930 no records


Mifford          Ruth Elvin          06/22/1929    09/04/1929 (death certificate # 157 unknown cause of death) d/o John Mifford & Ellen England


Mifford          Ruth Mae     06/22/1910   02/14/1932  no records


Minor            Charlie             05/21/1915    07/09/1966 h/o Mary Marie  Rains


Minor            George              no dates


Minor            George Otis        1943 KY    15 Jun 1962 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN (car accident) s/o Martha Matilda  Rains & Unknown Minor


Minor            Mary Marie Rains       03/16/1917    07/30/1997 d/o William Preston Rains  IN & Lucy Ann Reynolds Claiborne Co., TN   w/o Charlie Minor


Minor            Ollie               07/22/1919    03/26/1994


Miracle          James Edward        03/01/1944    11/25/1950 s/o James Miracle & Pearlie Roberts


Miracle          Pearlie Roberts           02/05/1905    03/17/1970 d/o Jackson A. Roberts & Sarah Wooten w/o James Miracle (s/o Elijah Miracle & Debora Wilson) w/o James Miracle


Mitchell         Dorothy Patricia    1929          1967 no records


Money            John Brown               no dates (death certificate # 183 born  06/07/1846 Wilkes Co.,  North Carolina died 12/07/1925 Middlesboro, KY s/o Isaac Money of NC died from lobar pneumonia, carpenter, signed by N.B. Money, burial in Hensley Cemetery) s/o Isaac  H. Money & Lucinda Myers h/o Lydia Taylor Sale


Moore            Coy                 no dates


Moore            Edward Garrett      11/13/1938    one date s/o Garrett Moore &  Lucy Fulton


Moore            Elick  Arnold             10/24/1913    one date 03/30/1999 Manchester, Clay Co., KY s/o  Steve Moore & Laura Jane McVey h/o Mossie Adams


Moore            George B.           09/15/1908    03/10/1951 East TN Baptist Hospital,, Knoxville, TN (death certificate # 05702 pulmonary embolism, due to paraphlegia and fracture of the back, coal miner) s/o George T. Moore & Lady May Newman h/o  Amanda Alton


Moore            Jim F.  (James Freddie)            07/13/1941    07/20/1982 s/o Elick Moore & Mossie Adams


Moore            Laura Jane McVey            09/10/1884    06/30/1967 w/o Steve Moore 2nd to Andrew J. Moore


Moore            Mossie   Adams           04/27/1916    06/08/1977 d/o James Bailey Adams & Mary Katie Marsee w/o Elick Moore


Morris           Elijah Frank        02/25/1882    09/09/1949 ( death certificate # 17641skull fracture & severe concussion, kicked by mule, coal miner) s/o James Adson Morris & Delia Jane  Johnson h/o Eva Ellis


Moses            Ethel L. Richardson          04/17/1901    01/08/1977 w/o Josh Moses


Moses            Jackie D.           05/06/1949    05/17/1952 (desth certificate # 8819? Meningoccic Meningitis, waterbourne Fredrickson syndrome due to ascaris lubricoidis, due to possible congenital syphilis) d/o Johnny Riley & Frances Moses


Moses            Jackie R.           05/19/1949    05/17/1952 (probably same baby as Jackie D. Moses)  Listed as Jack R. Moses in the birth records born 05/06/1949


Moses            Rev. Josh  (Pleasant Joshua)  02/12/1874    03/04/1961 s/o John S. Moses & Mary Elizabeth Stephens h/o Ethel Richardson


Moyers           Barry               07/18/1963    07/19/1963 no records


Moyers           Easter B. Gray      1892          1966 no records


Moyers           Larry               07/18/1963    07/19/1963 no records


Moyers           Stephen Argus        02/13/1953    02/13/1953 (death certificate # 2372475) died in Knoxville, TN s/o Argus Lee Moyers & Joyce L. Riggs


Myers            Florence  Russell          02/16/1895 Townsend, Blount Co., TN    01/14/1990 d/o


Myers            Frank (Marion Francis)            06/21/1893    02/23/1964 s/o George W. “Redtop” Myers & Martha Jane Law h/o Florence Russell


Myers            William Ray         09/12/1923    07/03/1982 died in TN residence Bell Co., KY  s/o Frank Myers & Florence Russell


Nance            V.I.                no dates no records


Nash             Charlie Esco        10/17/1921    07/02/1983 died in Bell Co., KY  might be s/o Charles Nash & Polly Miracle                                                                 


Nash             Doshie Thompson             12/07/1907    08/20/1978  w/o Grover Cleveland Nash


Nash             Grover Cleveland              1892          1972  (20 Feb 1977) h/o Doshie Thompson


Nash             Grover Cleveland  08/09/1929  09/16/1930 (death certificate # 21393 bronchial pneumonia) s/o Grover Cleveland Nash & Doshie Thompson


Nash             R. Clyde            05/05/1905    one date no records


Nash             Roxie  Louise             10/11/1944    02/06/1979 married to  Robert Lee Hill 26 May 1970 Campbell Co., TN


Noe              Joe                 no dates  no records


Noe              Sam F.  (Samuel)            01/05/1869    09/28/1947 (death certificate # 21164 general abdominal malignancy, coal business, salesman) s/o Joseph T. Noe & Lavina Faulkner  h/o 1st   Sarah Rains 2nd Rose E. Parker 3rd Polly Ann Crigger 4th  Carrie Rice


Norton           Andy Matthew           06/28/1915 Union Co., TN     07/20/1952 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 13626 complete heart block due to advanced rheumatic heart disease, coal mining) s/o William Marion Norton & Sarah  Elizabeth Garland h/o Virgie Lee Myers


Norton           Virgie Lee Myers        02/22/1916    06/07/1987 w/o Andy Norton


Ollie            Jo Ann Duffield     05/12/1899    08/01/1927  d/o William Arthur Duffield &  Amanda Jane Noe w/o Mike Ollie


Overbay          Barbara  Ann           02/25/1949    11/13/1949  (death certificate # 22095 bilateral lobular pneumonia/possible epilepsy)  d/o  Roosevelt Overbay & Stella Mae Lloyd


Overbay          Cordie   Hoskins           01/28/1905    03/12/1991 d/o Daniel “Doc” Hoskins & Elizabeth Denny w/o Turner Overbay


Overbay          Homer  Lee             04/21/1923    09/26/1945 died in Mountain Home, Washington Co,. TN, coal miner s/o Turner Overbay & Cordie Hoskins h/o Lillie May


Overbay          Jimmie              07/04/1951    11/08/1958 s/o Overbay & Beatrice Williams


Overbay          Turner F. (Preston)         06/02/1891  Rockcastle Co., KY  08/08/1964  s/o William Preston Overbey & Frances Elizabeth Lamb h/o 1st Laura Sams 2nd  Cordie Hoskins


Overton          Albert              07/22/1897    05/02/1960 s/o Green Berry Overton & Perliney Partin  h/o Doshie Maden


Overton          America   1931    10/23/1933  (death certificate # 27827 laryngeal diphtheria) d/o Albert Overton & Doshie Maden


Overton          Arthur              01/10/1895    09/02/1957 s/o Green Berry Overton & Perliney Partin h/o Tencie Virginia Maples


Overton          Doshie Maden            06/13/1890    07/23/1935 ( death certificate # 16067 nephritis (acute) due to childbirth or toxemia of  pregnancy) d/o Tilman Maden & America Walker w/o Albert Overton


Overton          Tencie Virginia Maples           10/11/1898    06/30/1964  d/o Joseph C. Maples & Sarah E. Surber w/o Arthur Overton


Overton          Millard M.          02/10/1888 Linda, KY    03/19/1948 died in VA Hospital, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY (death certificate # 4952 carcinoma of the prostate with metastasis) s/o Green Berry Overton & Perliney Partin   /divorced  from Louise Alice Partin & 2nd Florence Ruth Unknown


Owens            Henry H.            11/28/1914    01/05/1969 s/o George Owens & Maggie Britt


Owens            Nelie Jane Wyatt          08/05/1917    one date (married Green Loy 11/02/1979 Claiborne Co., TN)


Owens            Nelson D.           04/25/1911 (04/28/1912)    12/30/1967 s/o George Owens & Maggie Britt


Owens            Paula Jane          1971          1971 10/12/1971 d/o Wanda J. Owens


Parker           Sudie               03/26/1862    06/03/1922 no records


Parson           Fannie Mae Couch       07/23/1891    11/22/1963 d/o Elihue Couch & Mary Ann Burns w/o William Preston Parsons


Partin           Alvie P. (Evie)            1927         03/06/ 1975 d/o Matt Arthur Partin & Lonnie Bell Fletcher w/o Lacy Partin s/o Leonard Farmer “Tip” Partin & Elizabeth “Lizzie Beth” Mason


Partin           Ancil  (Ancle P.)  10/15/1940  02/17/2007 s/o Green Lee Partin & Dora Partin h/o Betty Jean


Partin           Celesta Louise Maples      01/07/1914    07/24/1990 Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN d/o Joseph C. Maples & Ida Hoskins w/o Partin


Partin           Dora                12/13/1905    07/01/1996 d/o Matt Arthur Partin & Lonnie Bell Fletcher w/o Green Lee Partin


Partin           Maggie Carmack       01/14/1912     01/17/2001 d/o John Carmack & Delia Louellen Boyd  w/o 1st  Alvis Frank Shelby 2nd Partin


Partin           Matt    11/07/1889  Claiborne Co., TN  04/05/1972 Bell Co., KY s/o Robert Partin & Sarah Jane Miracle h/o Catherine Gibbs


Pate             Ben W. (Bennett Wilson)             05/18/1874  Claiborne, Co., TN   01/29/1926 s/o Ira John Pate & Adaline Davis h/o  Louisa Cosba Thompson


Pate   (Louisa)  Cosba   Thompson           07/10/1878 TN    07/15/1962 d/o  William G. Thompson & Nancy Catherine Snider w/o Bennett Wilson Pate


Patrick          Rachel Gibson       02/05/1911    04/03/1944 (death certificate # 12978 gastroenteritis?) d/o Good Gibson & Lizzie Roberts w/o Theodore R. Patrick


Phillips         Allie Lavina Johnson           1877 TN         1956 d/o Samuel Willis Johnson & Nancy Minerva Hale King w/o 1st George Carmichael 2nd William Arthur Phillips


Phillips         Allie E.            04/11/1894    10/10/1972 (might be Allie Eugene Phillips born 04/11/1893 in TN died May 1972  in Larimer Co., CO)


Phillips         Betty Ray          09/15/1936    10/23/1937 (death certificate # 25108 gastroenteritis) d/o Ray Phillips & Lillie Marie Ditty


Phillips         William Arthur         11/06/1870 Shady Grove, TN 12/18/1946  (death certificate #25581 heart attack, no inquest held, merchant) s/o William Phillips b. TN & Mary J. Stewart  b. TN h/o Allie Lavina Johnson


Pierce           Jimmie Condard (Conder)     03/29/1940 Capito, KY    04/29/1940 rural Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # Unknown cause of death to coroner’s jury) s/o Clarence Pierce b. Speedwell, TN & Mary Moore b. Monark, KY


Pierce           Nelson Franklin     12/03/1911 TN    08/11/1940 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 18261 killed by train, coroner’s inquest) s/o William Pierce b. TN & Susan Haynes b. TN h/o Bessie Turner


Pike             Thelma              02/17/1922  Harlan Co., KY   10/04/1992 d/o  Columbus Pike & Rosa Sizemore


Pleasant         George William          01/10/1864  Lee Co., VA   05/30/1943 (death certificate # 12554 cancer of left side of face, laborer) s/o William  Pleasant & Martha Jane C. Marshel Osborne both born Lee Co., VA h/o Mary Elizabeth  Mulwee


Poore            Cordie  Standifer     10/15/1890 (1891) TN    05/11/1930 (1931) Claiborne Co, TN d/o Isaiah Standifer & Elizabeth Seals w/o Hugh Poore


Poore            Otis                12/23/1910 Claiborne Co,. TN   11/04/1926 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 7607 typhoid fever, laborer) s/o Hugh Poore & Cordia Standifer b. Claiborne Co., TN


Poore            Mary  Hurst               02/22/1873 Claiborne Co., TN   10/17/1945 (death certificate # 20237cerebral hemorrhage, apoplexy) d/o Isaac Hurst & Marie Simmons both b. Claiborne Co., TN w/o Marsh Poore


Powers           Chester Lee         02/25/1930    07/10/1993 s/o Charles C. Powers & Martha Williams


Powers           Martha  Williams            08/12/1912    02/28/1949 d/o William Charles Williams & Eva Sue Carmony w/o Charles C. Powers


Powers           Rev. Charles C.     08/09/1906    01/11/1983 s/o Alvin Powers & Nora Hill h/o Martha Williams


Prater           Bird                03/05/1879 Claiborne Co., TN    06/30/1976 s/o James Roysdon & Mary Prater h/o Margaret Mae Barnett


Prater           Dorsie Berlin            06/30/1918 Claiborne Co., TN   10/20/1944 rural Middlesboro,  Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 21514, gunshot to the head, dead on arrival, homicide, mining)  s/o Bird Prater & Margaret Barnett h/o Berneace Brooks


Prater           George              01/21/1911 Claiborne Co., TN   06/17/1945 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 11529 lobar pneumonia, epilepsy all his life) s/o Bird Prater b. Claiborne Co., TN & Margaret Barnett b. KY /single


Prater          Jonny Lewis         03/15/1965    06/08/1965 s/o Louis Tony Prater &  Stella L. King


Prater           Katelyn Rose        11/10/1994    11/10/1994 d/o  Lewis T. Prater & Violet J. Hillier


Prater           Margaret Mae  Barnett      03/05/1880 Bell Co., KY    01/21/1959 Middlesboro, KYd/o Andrew Barnett & Nancy J. Campbell w/o Bird Prater


Pratt            Frank C.            01/07/1916    09/21/1945 (death certificate # 18193 coal mining accident, coal miner) s/o Clifford Pratt b. Claiborne Co., TN & Catherine Shumate   b. Claiborne Co., TN h/o Edith Duncan


Pratt            Jackie Lynn         10/02/1956    10/02/1956 no records


Price            Clyde William           04/08/1912 Claiborne Co., TN    01/03/1983 Knoxville, TN s/o Dorsey Price & Ella Mae Stewart  h/o Lillie May England


Price            Dorsay (Dorsey)               10/21/1882   TN       10/14/1956 TN s/o Henry Price & Harriett L. Hopper h/o Ella Mae Stewart


Price            Ella Mae Stewart              11/17/1885 Knox Co., KY    03/24/1944 Pineville, Bell Co., KY  (death certificate # 25894 carcinoma of pancreas and ?) d/o Tom Stewart & Rebecca Hamptonw/o Dorsey Price


Price            Gains               10/12/1925          1987 s/o Dorsey Price &  Ella Mae  Stewart


Price            Lillie May England         1914          1966  d/o John Wesley England & Sarah Jane Gibbs w/o Clyde W. Price


Pridemore        Maggie (Margret)  Sexton            01/22/1881  TN   08/13/1962  d/o Elijah Sexton & Melvina Parker w/o Robert Pridemore


Pridemore        Robert Lee        02/23/1877 Lee Co., VA    11/11/1932 d. Middlesboro, KY WWI (death certificate # 27613 cardiac asthma, coal miner ) s/o  Billy Pridemore & Srilda Jones  h/o Maggie Sexton


Pruitt           A.J.  (Andrew Jackson)     03/15/1888 Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Co., KY   04/24/1945 Laurel Co., KY (death certificate # 8579 coronary ?, coal miner )  s/o William Pruitt  b. Mt. Vernon, KY & Emily F. Nunn b. Pulaski Co., KY h/o Mabel D. Whitaker


Pruitt           Andy                03/18/1916    05/01/1986 s/o Charles Pruitt


Raines           McKinley            09/24/1896    03/16/1963  s/o John P. Rains & Lucy Ann Rains h/o Rosa Ethel Rains


Rains            Linda Owens             1863          1928 d/o Francis Owens & Callie Bryant w/o 1st Henry Nelson Marsee  2nd w/o Joel Milton Rains


Rains            Margaret            01/21/1904  02/15/1926 (death certificate # 11834 pulmonary tuberculosis)  d/o Joel Milton Rains & Josephine Marsee  /single (unmarked)


Rains            Margaret Gibson   09/23/1869  04/09/1954 w/o Charlie P. Rains



Rains          Martha Matilda       11/02/1912     12/29/2003 d/o William Preston Rains & Lucy Ann Reynolds w/o George Minor (divorced) mother of George Otis Minor


Rains            Milt  (Joel Milton)              Nov 1861          07/13/1932 (death certificate # 15383 mitral insufficiency, farmer) s/o Redin S.  Rains & Elizabeth Jane Jones h/o 1st  Josephine Marsee 2nd Linda Owens


Rains            Alonzo              no dates 11/28/1909  Apr 1979 Middlesboro, KY s/o Joe Rains & Martha Ellen House


Rains            Bessie            02/08/1893    10/16/1977  d/o John P. Rains & Lucy Ann Rains


Rains           Charlie P.          1872         10/06/ 1955 s/o Joseph S. Rains & Elizabeth Rains h/o Margaret Gibson


Rains            Estle L. (Estel Lee)           09/16/1911    06/17/1951 (death certificate #10668? Self-inflicted gunshot to the head, psychosis, cause undertermined) WWII Vet, s/o Joe Rains & Ellen House /single


Rains            James M.            05/26/1875    05/18/1885 s/o General Winfield  Scott  & Elizabeth Partin


Rains            John P.             02/08/1868 TN   05/26/1942 Speedwell, Claiborne Co., TN s/o Joseph  Rains & Elizabeth Rains  h/o Lucy Ann Rains


Rains            Louis               01/01/1898    04/23/1931 s/o Charlie P. Rains & Margaret Gibson


Rains           Lucy Ann Reynolds           12/15/1888 TN    12/05/1973 d/o Jack Reynolds & Matilda Martha Hatfield w/o William Preston Rains


Rains            Lucy Ann Rains           04/12/1873    05/23/1963  d/o Madison Rains & Thursey Ann Rains w/o John P. Rains


Rains            Margaret Gibson     09/23/1869    04/09/1954  d/o John W. Gibson & Mary  w/o Charlie  P. Rains


Rains            Rena                09/24/1894    10/02/1992 d/o John P. Rains & Lucy Ann Rains


Rains            Richard Redmon      09/04/1887    05/04/1965 s/o Charles B. Rains & Sarah Elizabeth Partin h/o Elizabeth Baker


Rains            Virginia            02/21/1919    04/28/1965 d/o Mert Rains & Katie Jarboe


Rainty           Thomas J.           one date      04/26/1940 no records


Ramsey           Elizabeth Eliza Buell     09/19/1885 Hancock Co., TN    11/06/1939 Middlesboro Hospital, Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 26404 ran down by a bicycle, basilar skull fracture) d/o Joe Buell & Jane Young w/o C.C. Ramsey


Ramsey           Floyd Lee           03/31/1936    08/25/1940 s/o Sherman Ramsey & Matilde Lumpkins


Ramsey           Infant              07/26/1921    09/20/1921 no records


Ramsey           Matildie Lumpkins         10/25/1901    10/10/1942  Eastern State Hospital, Fayette Co.,  (death certificate # 21710 broncho pneumonia due to psy. With syphilis Central Nervous System. Meningo- encephalitic type.) w/o Sherman Ramsey


Ramsey           McPherson J.    died 10/28/1928 age 62    (death certificate # 134 Palegra) s/o Riley  Ramsey & Phoebe Bennett  h/o Arlenia Taylor


Ramsey           Perlie  (Pearl Ellen) Smith         07/04/1895 TN   08/18/1947 (death certificate # 16590  peritonitis generalized , fibroid tumor of the uterus, hysterectomy 13 Aug 1947)  d/o Green Smith b. TN & Jane Roberts b. TN w/o Ira Ramsey


Ramsey           Sherman             01/05/1898    02/01/1967 s/o McPherson Ramsey & Arlenia  Taylor h/o Mathilde Lumpkins married 04 Oct 1919 Claiborne Co., TN


Ramsey           Soloman             1855          07/17/1905 s/o Riley Ramsey & Phoebe Bennett h/o Mary Jane  Lawson (married 01 Feb 1877 Whitley Co., KY


Ramsey           Ulyess  Lewis           1934 Middlesboro, KY         01/10/1938 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 128 lobar pneumonia) s/o Ira Franklin  Ramsey & Charlie Smith both born in Claiborne Co., TN  /infant


Reed             John  G.              09/05/1862    10/06/1931 h/o Martha Jane Dotson b. 20 Dec 1861 Grainger Co., TN  d/o Claborn Hicks  Dotson & Frances Minerva Wells  (Martha Jane Dotson 1st married Robert Barton Beeler 16 Dec 1880 Grainger Co., TN)


Reed             Artie  Thomas              10/10/1897    09/15/1972  d/o Joseph P. Thomas & Rachel Lucinda Wilford both born in TN  w/o Oscar Reed


Reed             Elease              03/30/1918    09/19/1944 no records


Reed             Mary S. Woolford           1868 TN    01/21/1941 (death certificate # 147 pneumonia due to influenza) d/o Pleas  Woolford & Susie w/o William W. Reed


Reed             Oscar Alexander            05/23/1888 Claiborne Co., TN     08/28/1947(death certificate # 21199 stroke of paralysis, coal miner) s/o John G. Reed & Martha  Jane Dotson both born Claiborne Co., TN h/o Artie Thomas


Reynolds         Lena Agnes Bass           08/24/1873 Greensboro, Greene Co.,  KY  11/05/1946 (death certificate # 23049 arterosclerotic Heart disease, uremia,  d/o Peter R. Bass b. Scotland & Ann Rebecca Fitzpatrick b. Culpeper Co., VA w/o Charles Reynolds


Rhinehart        Bert Alexander    10/27/1907 TN    04/23/1988 Middlesboro, KY s/o Elijah Hershel Rhinehart & Sarah E. France  h/o Maude Wright


Rhinehart        Elijah Hershel      07/14/1875    05/31/1951 s/o Joseph Rhinehart & Sarah P. Mason h/o Sarah Ellen France


Rhinehart        Sarah Ellen  France     01/06/1879    05/31/1940 d/o Albert France & Martha J. Quails w/o Elijah Hershel Rhinehart


Richards         Amos  Borden     05/06/1870 Fenton Co., KY    05/09/1948 Coxton,  Harlan Co., KY (death certificate # 9813 respiratory failure, chronic bronchiectasis, senility, mining) s/o John Harland Richards & Nancy Jane Franklin of TN h/o Nannie Pearl Richards


Richards  (Nannie)  Pearl               06/05/1883    05/06/1964 d/o James F. Richards & Margeret A.Murphee w/o Amos Borden Richards


Richardson       Lee Russell         07/06/1894 Jellico, Campbell, TN   12/06/1956  s/o Sam Richardson & Rosa May Mayes  h/o Daisy Lakins


Ridings          Ben                 03/30/1884 TN    11/14/1941 Middlesboro, KY  (death certificate # 25646 heart attack, stenosis of the aorta, mining, Foreman of coal mine) s/o William H. Ridings & Mary Ann  England both of TN h/o Lizzie Mason


Ridings          Jane  (Mrs. Jane Ridens)            1857          1931 2nd w/o James Ridings


Ridings          Jim (James W.)       07/13/1893 Claiborne Co., TN   10/14/1931 (death certificate # 23442 slate fall at coal mine crushing back & left leg, coal loader) s/o William H. Ridings & Mary Ann England both of TN  h/o Maggie Wilkerson  2nd Jane Unknown


Roach            Vernie V.           08/14/1907    12/14/1961 d/o John F. Sutton & Mary Jane Maples  w/o Ernst Roach

Roberts          Coy Stanley         01/23/1937  TN  02/15/1937 Bosworth, Bell Co., KY (death certificate # 3081 found dead in his bed, pneumonia no doctor) s/o Sam Roberts VA & Hazel Maples


Robinson         Betty Saylor           06/06/1883    12/03/1975 w/o Joseph Robinson


Robinson         Joseph  David            01/17/1881(1880)  Union Co., TN    01/01/1953 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 66 died from unknown causes, dead on arrival, coal miner) s/o John Albert Robinson & Susanna Welch h/o Betty Saylor


Roe              Carl Glenn          07/18/1941    12/24/1943 s/o Nellie Massey (death certificate # 25812 lobar pneumonia and nephritis) s/o John E. Roe & Nila Lurena Marsee


Roe              Fredrick Philip (listed as Frederick  David in death records)    02/02/1932    03/16/1932 (death certificate # 7897 pneumonia)  s/o John E. Roe & Nila Lurena Marsee


Roe              John Elias          09/11/1900 West VA   07/02/1957  h/o Nila Lurena Marsee


Rose             Catherine Wilson          04/10/1853 Whitley Co., KY    05/08/1943 (death certificate # 12568 senility) d/o Thomas Wilson & Jane Harp  w/o Jackson Rose


Rose             Gertrude Lynch        11/09/1915 TN   07/31/1946 Fonde, Bell, KY  (death certificate #16629 carcinoma of the lungs due to metastasis  from neck) d/o Andrew Lynch b. TN  & Sofia Davenport b. KY w/o Paul Rose


Rose             Sarah J.            03/03/1919    03/22/1919 no records


Rowlett          Clara Julia  Yeary       08/11/1910    11/19/1950 (death certificate # 21788 heart attack) d/o Tip Yeary & Mary Evans w/o Paris Rowlett


Russell          J.H. (John)      02/21/1871  TN  11/14/1935 (death certificate# 26265 old age, mining) s/o Edward Russell & Emily Lynch of TN h/o Ollie Paterson


Russell          Ollie L.Minton       07/26/1875    03/25/1936  (death certificate # 9756 pulmonary tuberculosis)  d/o Mitchel Minton & Martha  Guy w/o William Sherman Russell


Russell          Will   (William Sherman)             09/19/1871    10/25/1945 s/o Celia J. Russell  h/o Ollie L. Minton


Sampson          Dallie Williford    1909 (10/06/1911) Claiborne Co., TN    12/19/1932 Middlesboro, KY  (death certificate# 27617 infectious meningitis) d/o William Williford & Elizabeth Reed w/o Raleigh Sampson


Schooler         Charles Lynnsey         01/25/1916    01/31/1992 s/o George R. Schooler & Matilda Jane Proffitt h/o Marie Murray


Schooler         Clarence Virgil        01/12/1915   06/17/1957 Knox Co., TN  s/o George R. Schooler & Matilda Jane Proffitt h/o Sybil A. Paul


Schooler         Jane (Matilda Jane Proffitt)     05/10/1890 Claiborne Co., TN    11/01/1965 Ypsilanti, Wastenaw, MI (d/o Granville Proffitt  Jesse M. Smith) w/o George R. Schooler


Seal    (Lelia)    Mell        12/05/1901    10/04/1932  d/o John M. Seal & Molissie  Elizabeth McCurry (married H.E. Roach 23 Dec 1922 Anderson Co., TN)


Senters  (Centers)        George W.           02/14/1927    05/17/1946 s/o Noah Centers & Elizabeth Sturdivant  (married 07 Nov 1910)


Senters          Dock (James Mitchell)             one date D.   1917 (born abt 1848 died 1917) married Elizabeth Evans 27 Oct 1874 s/o Abner Senters & Nancy Collins


Settles          Emma Lasley                01/18/1899    12/08/1974 w/o Emmitt Settles


Settles          Emmitt              04/07/1896 KY   07/11/1972 Allen, Indiana



Settles (Suttles)          Bennie May          11/29/1920    09/21/1942 (death certificate # 21324 pulmonary tuberculosis) d/o Emmitt Suttles & Emma Lasley




Shackelford      Henry Scott         02/22/1871    08/09/1928 s/o James Ervin Shackelford & Sarah Bull h/o Malindia J. Miracle


Shackelford      Malindia J. Miracle            06/04/1876    10/06/1948 d/o Preston Miracle & Mary Jane Miracle w/o Henry Scott Shackelford


Shackelford      Robert Boyd         02/14/1916 TN    05/18/1931 TN  s/o William Shackelford & Louisa  Jane Meyers/Moyers/Mayers


Sharp            Egbert E.           03/16/1908 TN          01/24/1975 Middlesboro, KY  coal miner  s/o Digby Sharp & Sarah Elizabeth West h/o Dora G. Duncan 2nd Eva


Sharp            James Riley         01/17/1943    09/20/1963 s/o  Sharp & Victrine Denny


Sharp            Martin M.           02/20/1892 (02/21/1893) TN     09/08/1918 (death certificate # 21824 fracture of the spine, miner)  s/o Jim Sharp & Fannie Gordon /single


Shelby    Alvis Frank 06/13/1885 TN 09/03/1950 Pathfork, Bell Co., KY (death certificate #17423 hypertensive heart disease, bronchial asthma, other significant conditions: senile psychosis & paranoid tendencies, coal miner) s/o Isaac Shelby & Parlene Adkins h/o Minnie Jeffries  2nd Maggie Carmack (unmarked)


Shelby           Authur M.           no dates      unmarked born 08/16/1908 Campbell Co., TN  died 11/25/1914 Redash, Whitley Co.,  KY s/o Alvis  Frank Shelby & Minnie Jeffries /single


Shelby           Eugene              06/02/1925    02/23/1927 no records


Shelby           Minnie Jeffries     1887          08/??/1928 unmarked d/o Benjamin Franklin Jeffries & Nancy Leah Chavis w/o Alvis Frank Shelby


Shelby           Oscar               no dates      unmarked born abt 1911 s/o Alvis Frank Shelby & Minnie Jeffries


Shelby          Andrew Tusco  12/27/1920 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY 12/18/1940 Middlesboro, Bell, KY (death certificate #27505 pyolites, knave of neck/cord, miner) s/o Alvis Frank Shelby b. Coal Creek, TN & Minnie Jeffries b. TN  /married (unmarked says burial in Middlesboro I thought he might be buried near his mother)



Shifflet         Opal   02/22/1926 Middlesboro, KY    10/15/1931 Middlesboro, KY(death certificate # 23432 enterocolitis)

d/o Edgar Shifflett b. Fork Ridge, TN & Lue Hanna Wright b. Claiborne Co., TN


Shifflet         Tommie (Thomas)             no dates


Shifflett        James Edgar         03/07/1902    01/29/1958  s/o Edward Shifflett & Emma Vaughn  1st h/o Lue Hannah Wright (she married John Hubbard 27 Jun 1966 Claiborne Co., TN at age 58)


Shifflett        Maxine              07/29/1933    05/16/1954 d/o Edgar Shifflett & Lue Hanna Wright


Shiflett         Ernest Lee          08/08/1894    05/02/1979 s/o Edward Shifflett & Emma Vaughn


Shiflett         Grace   (Gracey)            11/12/1904    07/28/1988  Bell Co., KY


Shumate          S.V. (Silvester)     12/23/1879    07/06/1920 (death certificate # 17407 tuberculosis due to influenza , miner) s/o W.H. Cross & Liza Shumate 


Shupman          Robert              05/10/1861 Glasgow, KY    07/11/1925 (death certificate # 143 carcinoma of the stomach, burial in Rains Cemetery, Middlesboro) h/o Nancy


Silcox           Berneice            08/31/1934    01/13/1936 (death certificate # 124 Morasmus due to malnutrition) d/o Luther Silcox & Birdie Ann Lane both of KY


Silcox           George H.           09/27/1906    08/27/1978 s/o Ruben Andrew Silcox & Mattie E. Hill  h/o Lillie Mae Milford

Silcox           Juanita             12/16/1932    05/14/1934 Middlesboro Hospital (death certificate  #10810 bronchial pneumonia due to influenza) d/o Luther Silcox & Birdie Ann Lane


Silcox           Kitty Lee           1918          1926 d/o Ruben Silcox & Mattie  Hill


Silcox           Lillie Mae  Milford        12/05/1911    02/23/1990 d/o James Milford & Eliza Jane Adkins  w/o George Silcox


Silcox           Patsy Ann           04/13/1940    09/20/1940 (death certificate 3 20608 summer diarrhea) d/o George Silcox & Lillie Mae Milford both of Middlesboro, KY


Silcox           Ruben Andrew            02/11/1886 TN    03/31/1937 Middlesboro Hospital (death certificate # 6473 pneumonia due to influenza, mechanic in the mines) s/o Thomas Silcox of TN & Mary F. Jones h/o Mattie E. Hill


Simpson          James               03/17/1863    01/05/1938 (death certificate # 159 epithelioma  of the lip, due to bad tooth causing irritation, miner loading coal) s/o Alex Simpson & Hettie Hensley of KY h/o Polly Brock


Simpson          Harman Hy           1875  (07/04/1879)        10/27/1950 (death certificate # 21790 listed as Hiram Simpson, apparent heart attack due to hypertension) s/o Samuel T. & Mary Jane Osborne h/o Nettie Vaughn


Simpson          Jackie Chester            05/08/1947    05/08/1947 Evans Hospital, Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 19078 infancy) s/o Luther Simpson & Elsie Silcox


Simpson          Martha D.           11/07/1905    06/15/1969 Middlesboro, KY  probably w/o Robert Simpson


Simpson          Nettie  Vaughn            09/27/1879 Clay Co., KY   12/10/1943 Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 25810 cancer of the cervix) d/o Wart Vaughn w/o High (Hiram) Simpson


Simpson          Robert              08/10/1905 TN      Aug   1984 Middlesboro, KY s/o Hiram Simpson & Nettie Vaughn


Simpson          Thomas  Ervin            04/09/1941    09/27/1941(death certificate # 21226 respiratory & circulatory failure due to pneumococci meningitis) s/o Luther Simpson & Elsie Silcox


Simpson          Polly  Brock             09/26/1881    one date 05/27/1945 Laurel Co., KY d/o Elihue Brock & Hannah Shepherd w/o James Simpson


Smith            Mary Jane           02/12/1848    04/09/1918 no records


Smith            Arthur L.           07/30/1902    07/21/1967 s/o Benjamin Smith & Sarah   step-son of Nelson Turner


Smith            Benjamin Franklin   02/27/1943 Bell, Co., KY   08/30/1986 Middlesboro, KY  s/o  Smith & Jean Mason


Smith            Bill Willard        11/23/1932    07/18/1970  worked for railroad, lived in Verda, Harlan Co., KY in 1935, 1940 father Bill Smith, mother  Celia brothers  Frank  & Roy


Smith            Clarence  W.           09/05/1956    07/14/1996 Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY s/o  Smith & Mary Johnson


Smith            Dorothy M.          05/20/1942    07/13/1981 Harlan Co., KY d/o Smith & Catherine Brim


Smith            John Patrick        08/01/1936    04/30/1992


Smith            Lizzie  Moore            06/08/1919 Middlesboro, KY        02/22/1966 Middlesboro, KY w/o Robert Huston Smith


Smith            M. Katherine        05/01/1913    04/14/1981


Smith            Mayola  Carmack            09/08/1914    01/17/1966 d/o John Carmack & Delia Louellen Boyd  w/o Wesley Smith


Smith            Ralph J.              12/25/1931    05/22/1994 s/o Tip Smith & Margaret Reynolds


Smith            Rebecca Mason          1856 Knox Co., KY 07/23/1931 Bell Co., KY  d/o John P. Mason & Nancy Lee w/o William Harvey Smith


Smith            Robert Huston            03/25/1918  Middlesboro, KY 02/16/1966 Middlesboro, KY s/o David Jackson Smith & Sarah Effie Paul h/o Lizzie Moore


Smith            Sarah Effie Paul           1891 TN          1966  d/o William Jasper Paul & Sallie Ann Moore w/o David Jackson Smith


Smith            Verlin Devine       10/18/1914 Claiborne Co., TN     08/05/1948 Danville, Boyle Co., KY, Kentucky State Hospital (death certificate # 15670 circulatory collapse/cerebral hemorrhage, other conditions C.N.S. syphilis psychosis, miner)  s/o David Jackson Smith & Sarah Effie Paul h/o Margaret M. Smith


Smith            Wesley A.             12/22/1899 Tazewell Claiborne, TN (1901)  08/13/1974 Middlesboro, KY s/o William Harvey Smith & Rebecca Mason h/o Mayola Carmack


Smith            William Harvey      04/01/1866 Claiborne Co., TN     09/28/1934 KY s/o Isaac Whitfield Smith & Sarah F. Moyers h/o Rebecca Mason


Smith            John Harrison       12/22/1892    06/29/1953 (death certificate # 13597 carcinoma of stomach, coal miner) s/o Henry Smith & Unknown h/o Mary Frances


Smith            Mary Frances        12/17/1897    12/15/1976 w/o John Harrison Smith


Smitty           Lonnie              03/10/1911    08/30/1975 Prisoner in 1930 and 1940 s/o William Smiddy & Rosa Overton


Sonak            Harold Albert          07/25/1924    08/17/1925 (death certificate# 23171 severe gastro enteritis) s/o Albert August Sonak &  Rosa Zetta  Ramsey


Sowder           Adaline  Rose            01/17/1875 Bell Co., KY   10/08/1949 Harriman, Roane Co., TN  d/o Jackson Rose & Catherine Rachel Wilson w/o Jacob (Jake) Sowder


Sowder           Jake                10/25/1874 KY    05/13/1958 Mercer Co., OH  s/o Lafayette F. Sowder & Mary Polly Davis h/o Adaline Rose


Sowder           William Jake        11/13/1926    10/01/1944 s/o Howard Sowder &  Edith Ayers


Sowders          Addie               07/25/1874 Bell Co., KY     03/22/1925 Lexington East State Hospital, Fayette Co., KY (death certificate # 6007 general paralysis of the insane/ cerebro spinal syphilis) parents unknown


Sowders          B.F. (Benjamin Franklin)            04/01/1942          01/18/1986 Michigan


Sowders          David               05/21/1900    03/29/1930 s/o Henry Sowders & Nancy Catherine Williams


Sowders          Henry Morgan          10/12/1864    01/10/1942 s/o Peruda Sowder & Elizabeth Ausmus h/o Nancy Catherine Williams


Sowders          Howard              06/09/1907    03/24/1962 s/o Joshua Sowders & Lucy  h/o Edith Ayers


Sowders          Jarvis              08/07/1901    02/22/1960 s/o John Rufus Sowder & Sidney Ann Rains  h/o Mollie Mason


Sowders          Lewis G.            04/11/1914 Valley Creek, TN  04/05/1949 Evans Hospital, Middlesboro, KY  (death certificate # 6394 fractured skull from gunshot wound to the head/homicide) s/o Benjamin Franklin  Sowders of Fonde, KY  & Roxie Bowman of TN /single


Sowders          Mary E.             06/15/1915    06/01/1989 Bell Co., KY


Sowders          Roxie  Bowman             11/20/1875 TN    12/02/1952 d/o James M. Bowman & Chloe Berthena Moyers w/o Benjamin Franklin Sowders


Spurlock         Virgil              06/22/1904 Elys, KY   12/13/1936 Eastern State Hospital, Fayette Co., KY  ( death certificate # 32334 general paralysis of the insane, electrician ) s/o William Patton Spurlock  & Doshia Gibson   h/o Thelma Spears


Spurrier         Ismael (Ishamel)             04/28/1909    06/13/1969 Bell Co., KY s/o Rollis Spurrier & Stella Johnson


Stewart          Juanita             07/22/1923    11/09/1923 no records


Strunk           Judie (Judia)   Jones            04/14/1917    05/20/1968 d/o William Bluford Jones  & Phoebe Ann Smith  w/o Henry Strunk


Strunk           Judy Marie          10/24/1956   11/22/1956 died in Bell Co., KY residence Illinois


Sulfridge        Alfred Lee          09/07/1933    10/09/1989 s/o Luther Sulfridge & Lucy Gibson


Sulfridge        John Fitzgerald             02/27/1964    10/25/1983 s/o Sulfridge &  Clara M. Partin


Sulfridge        Lucy Gibson           1906          1979 w/o Luther Sulfridge


Sulfridge        Luther L.           1903 (06/11/1909 Claiborne Co., TN)   (07/04/1970)  1970 Bell Co., KY s/o Willie & Ella Sulfridge h/o Lucy Gibson


Suttles/Settles          Clarence            01/03/1902 TN   01/06/1971 h/o Louise Blanton


Suttles/Settles         Louise  Blanton           07/27/1898 TN     07/20/1971 w/o Clarence Suttles



Sutton           Clayton R.          09/16/1912 Michigan    06/06/1941 s/o William L. Sutton  & Salome  Hudkins


Sutton           Isaac T.            10/29/1921    02/13/1989 Bell Co., KY s/o John F. Sutton & Mary Jane Maples


Sutton           Rufus E.           07/12/1902     01/02/1938   (death certificate # 158 appendicitis, coal miner, loading coal) s/o  John F. Sutton & Mary Jane Maples h/o Atrie Barnes


Swangim         Susan  Louise Kilpatrick             09/30/1844 NC    06/06/1936 w/o Thomas Jefferson Swangim/Swangin  mother of Bill Swangim married to Nora with daughter Marian born in Michigan


Swangin   Minnie  05/02/1915  Bell Co., KY     11/25/1918(unmarked) (death certificate # 31745 influenza) d/o  Thomas Benjamin  Swangim  of NC & Mamie Wilcox of TN


Sweat            Delores G.        04/02/1935    11/14/1940 (death certificate # 25051 shock from burn) d/o John Sweat & Nola Branham


Sweat            Margaret Yvonne         11/07/1942    11/09/1942 (death certificate#  acute broncho pneumonia) d/o John Sweat & Nola Branham


Taylor           Clyde Authur            08/21/1906 VA   01/06/1942 (death certificate # accidental slate fall in mine, coal miner) s/o Barry Taylor VA  & Nan Short VA  h/o  Cora Tiller


Taylor           Ethel               11/15/1926    11/15/1926 no records


Taylor           Lee                 05/02/1928    07/28/1928 no records


Taylor           Lottie              03/12/1909    05/16/1928 (she might be the mother of Lee Taylor, but I can’t find any records)


Teague           Joe L.              05/20/1920    01/12/1987 no records


Thomas           Walter              12/20/1941    01/04/1942 (death certificate # 141 bronchial pneumonia/premature) s/o Curtis Thomas of Claiborne Co., KY & Edna Ridings of Fonde, KY


Treadway         Maggie              07/04/1898    01/18/1978 w/o Elisha Bowman  Treadway b. 1877 (first married to Sophia Jones)


Turner           Iorm                11/05/1885    04/15/1934 no records


Turner           J.M.  (James Monroe)       05/06/1875    01/27/1940 (death certificate # 114 bronchial pneumonia/influenza due to asthma) s/o John Everett  Turner & Elizabeth Patsy  Raines h/o Elizabeth Turner


Turner           Nora Williams     07/19/1881 North Carolina    04/12/1943 (death certificate # 10186 cerebral hemorrhage due to circulatory hypertension) w/o W.S. Turner


Turner           R.J. (Robert Jackson)  12/01/1891    03/02/1939 (death certificate # 5733 pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes Mellitus, coal miner, foreman) s/o  James Franklin  Turner & Sophia Jane Rose  h/o Zora Bett Carmon


Turner           Alice Rose              03/18/1892  Virginia       08/01/ 1968  w/o Peter Jefferson Turner of VA


Turner           Barbara Lenora  Duffield   01/23/1894    11/22/1943 d/o William Arthur Duffield & Amanda Jane Noe w/o Samuel Jefferson Turner


Turner           Ben (Benjamin)     06/19/1885    05/14/1961 s/o Sterling C. Turner & Martha Rose  h/o Huldah Davis



Turner           Betty Lee Bryant 12/17/1890    06/11/1923 (death certificate # 19832 convulsions/childbirth) d/o W.H. Bryant & Fannie Catherine Marsee w/o Joseph Gray Turner


Turner         Betty  (Elizabeth Jane) Carroll            04/21/1862  TN    07/09/1944  (death certificate # 15182 senility)  d/o Wesley Carroll & Nancy York?  Both born near Jellico, TN w/o Speedwell Turner


Turner           Carrie B.           06/25/1917    09/25/1918 no records


Turner           Clayton O’Brian         02/14/1909    12/31/1960 s/o John Turner &  Dona Turner  h/o Sarah Catherine Carmack


Turner           David               03/20/1892    11/29/1958 s/o John W. Turner & Polly (Mary J.) Davis


Turner           Edith           07/24/1943    no records


Turner           Floyd               09/19/1919    11/06/1936 (1935) (death certificate # 26292  gunshot wound accredited self-inflicted “coroners inquiry, farming) s/o Jack Turner & Mary Martin /single


Turner           Harvey              05/05/1913    03/13/1966 no records


Turner           Hazel Ruth          05/22/1927    01/10/1929 (death certificate # 16028 Dr. T.T. Gibson, pneumonia) d/o Lewis Turner & Mary Martin


Turner           Henry               02/18/1888    09/08/1902 s/o Henry Turner & Mary Jane Davis


Turner           Huldah Davis          12/12/1887    01/06/1967 d/o Wiley Davis & Martha L. Barnard  w/o Ben Turner


Turner           J.T. (James T.)       05/23/1923    03/08/1938 s/o George Washington Turner & Mammie Davis


Turner           James  (M.)            03/06/1894    12/20/1950 s/o Elbert Turner & Sarah Hendrickson


Turner           James E. (Albert)         01/10/1868    04/13/1955 s/o John W. Turner & Mary Jane Watson


Turner           Junior              09/12/1921    10/18/1922 (death certificate # 25952 malnutrition due to diarrhea) s/o George Washington Turner of Kentucky & Mammie Davis of TN


Turner           Lillie Mae          12/24/1918    10/05/1919 no records


Turner           Martha Deloras      07/18/1933    11/28/1934 d/o  Foister Turner & Cornelia Harrell


Turner           Martha M.           06/07/1907    06/24/1977 d/o Ben Turner & Huldah Davis


Turner           Mary M.             05/04/1908    02/15/1918 no records


Turner           Nellie May          05/04/1906    03/14/1911 no records


Turner           P.J.  (Peter Jefferson)              09/05/1880  (WWI records) Virginia (12/09/1958)1957 h/o Alice Rose


Turner           Richard             06/06/1936    02/09/1964 s/o Robert Jackson Turner & Zora Bett Carmon


Turner           Robert              04/02/1890          02/22/1936 s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Gibson w/o Maggie Sharp


Turner           Robert A.           02/29/1894    05/02/1972 s/o Joseph Alex Turner & Matilda Shockley h/o   1st Zora A. Carmon 2nd Alice Greene d/o Henry Lee Greene & Mary J. McDaniel


Turner           Roscoe B.           10/06/1926    12/25/1995 s/o Roscoe Turner & Grace Day


Turner           Rose                11/01/1866    03/03/1903 no records


Turner           Sarah Catherine Carmack           11/30/1908    10/14/1990 d/o John Wesley Carmack & Delia L. w/o Clayton O’Brian Turner


Turner           Sarah R. Hendrickson           01/11/1878 TN   04/29/1940 (death certificate # 8849 hypostatic pneumonia due to uremia and chronic arthriti, cystitis) d/o Thomas Hendrickson & Rhoda Noe w/o Elbert Turner


Turner           W. Foster           08/10/1903    07/23/1958 s/o Elbert Turner & Sarah Hendrickson


Turner           Wesley (James Wesley)          01/06/1877    09/10/1954  s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Gibson h/o Nora Williams


Turner            Wesley Crawford 07/17/1865  12/09/1950 (death certificate # 24141 cause of death unknown, coroner’s jury, coal miner) s/o Henry Turner & Mary Burch burial in Hensley Cemetery , Middlesboro, KY) h/o Annabee Gaines 2nd Rosa Gatliff 3rd Maggie Golden


Turner           Zora A. Carmon            04/18/1902    07/16/1991 d/o Johnny R. Carmon & Ida Clark w/o Robert A. Turner



Turnner          Finley              04/05/1887    12/22/1931  s/o George Ezra Washington Turner & Rebecca Faulkner h/o Emma Mae Hodge


Turnner          Rosa M.             10/22/1909    02/12/1910 (probably d/o Finley Turnner & Emma Hodge)


Turnner          Ruby                04/11/1921    04/22/1921 (probably d/o Finley Turnner & Emma Hodge


Underwood     James K.           11/29/1936     10/31/1999 s/o  James K. Underwood & Martha Turner


Underwood        Johny               12/02/1916    12/08/1933 no records


Underwood        Gus                 05/26/1914    12/04/1949 s/o Underwood & Liddie Money


Wallace          George Jr.          09/17/1921     01/04/1945  (Dec 1944) George Wallace Sr. & Pearlie Smith (not sure , he is not is the birth or death records)


Walton           Will                03/25/1886    04/23/1930


Ward             Edward V.           03/15/1924 Bell Co., KY   09/22/1945 Orange Co., CA s/o Ernest Ward &  Bessie Ellis


Warner           Bina E. Badger           05/30/1912    one date d/o  Francis Joseph Badger & Nancy Elizabeth  Strange  w/o Jake S. Warner


Warner           Elma Gay            01/24/1937    04/21/1939 no records


Warner           Jake S.             01/20/1910    04/10/1987 s/o Wiley Warner & Mollie Warner  h/o Bina Badger


Warner           Jake S. Jr.         01/16/1934    08/28/2000 s/o Jake Warner & Bina E. Badger


Warwick          James R. Jr.        11/08/1965 Knox Co., KY    05/18/1989 Fayette Co., KY s/o James Warwick b.23 Jan 1939 d. 11 Jun 1999 (son of Leonard Warwick & Hazel Hill)


Warwick          Parley Ann Foust         04/26/1883 TN     02/03/1965  d/o George Washington “Jacob” Foust & Abigail Anna Stooksbury w/o Marion Franklin Warwick


Watson           Charles E.          06/12/1934   09/23/1979 s/o Harry Watson &  Anna Watson


Weaver           Daniel B.            10/17/1898    12/20/1930 s/o Samuel Weaver & Evelyn Shelby h/o Sarah Braden

Weaver           Evelyn Shelby           12/20/1869 TN    03/24/1955 Bell Co., KY d/o John Shelby & Seralda Oakes w/o Samuel Weaver


Weaver           Samuel              03/04/1874 Union Co., TN   02/27/1934 Claiborne Co., TN s/o Daniel Weaver & Elizabeth Norris h/o Evelyn Shelby


Webb             Angie Mason         03/04/1893    12/06/1969 d/o Marion Martin Head & Sarah Elizabeth Partin w/o Leander Webb


Webb             Ben H.              09/03/1940    11/02/1984 s/o Haskel C. Webb &  Mabel Turner


Webb             Donald Elmo         03/21/1935    05/08/1951 s/o Haskel Webb & Mabel Turner


Webb             Haskel Carr            08/03/1912 TN   03/08/1983 Middlesboro, KY  s/o George Henry Webb & Alice Cordelia Minton h/o Mabel Turner


Webb             L.A. (Leander)               07/19/1890    03/09/1948 s/o Pierce Webb & Mary Molly Partin h/o Angie Mason


Webb             Mabel  Turner              07/18/1910 TN    10/30/1973 Middlesboro, KY  d/o Benjamin Franklin Turner & Hulda D. Davis w/o Haskel Carr Webb


Webb             Rosetta Cobb            1910 (1911)          02/27/1955 d/o John Cobb & Eliza Reed w/o Unknown Webb


Webb             Timothy Wayne       09/16/1979    09/21/1979 s/o Virgil Webb Jr. &  Tammy S. Warner


West             Doris Jennett       04/10/1937 Harlan Co., KY   05/30/1948 (death certificate # 11310 encephalitis chronic due to meningitis acute)  d/o Johnnie Monroe West of TN & Ruth Sliger of Anderson Co., TN /single


West             Johnnie Monroe      05/19/1900 TN    12/03/1951 s/o Martin West & Amanda LaFever h/o Ruth Sliger


Widener          Charlie Patrick       05/10/1895 Claiborne Co., TN  02/24/1920 s/o John Wesley Widener & Melvina Elizabeth Poore h/o Gemima Engle


Widener          P.M.                10/12/1853 Claiborne Co., TN   09/15/1923 s/o Peter Henry “Roller” Widener & Lucinda Edwards


Widener          Peter Mock          06/30/1849    05/24/1926 s/o David L. Widener & Nancy S. Mock h/o Lucy V. Widener (d/o John Fulton Widener & Frances “Frankie” Blevins


Widner           Lucy                11/01/1919 Bell Co., KY   12/20/1919 ( death certificate # 31424 found dead in bed no doctor)  d/o Feilden Bailey Widner of VA & Ethel Webb of Claiborne Co., TN


Widner           Evey V.             06/19/1916    09/05/1918


Widner           Feilden Bailey      01/08/1873 VA   09/17/1949 (death certificate # 17638 tuberculosis chronic, mining coal )  s/o Peter Mock Widener & Lucy Mock   h/o Ethel Webb


Widner           Mrs S.J.            06/06/1878    07/31/1918 no records


Wilder           Eurtha              09/13/1923    05/23/1928 no records


Wilder           Opal                08/10/1913    09/28/1931 d/o Silas Wilder & Cordia Reed


Wilder           Cordia Reed             04/14/1892    10/25/1976 d/o John Reed & Jane Dotson w/o Silas Wilder


Wilder           Dorothy             07/15/1923    04/03/1979 w/o Silas Wilder Jr.


Wilder          Silas               10/13/1886    05/09/1960 s/o Levi Henry Wilder & Elizabeth “Beck” Miracle h/o  Cordia Reed 2nd Nancy Wilson 3rd Rosa Long 


Wilder           Silas Jr.           06/16/1930    04/02/1979 s/o Silas Wilder & Cordia Reed h/o Dorothy Unknown


Williams         Albert C.             1890 (17 Mar 1889 Chandler,  Lee Co., VA )     1954 h/o Ethel (1940 construction P.W.A, Ethel age 21 Albert age 51 s/o William M. Williams & Cordie L. Williams  h/o Ethel

Williams         Bill  (William M.)               no dates b. Oct 1855 VA  w/o Cordellia  (children John W., Charles P., Nora E., Albert C., Artie F., Sampson, and Joseph in 1900 Middlesboro, Bell County, KY h/o Cordellia Koger (married 27 Jul 1877 Lee Co., VA) father listed as A.C.


Williams         Carl E.             07/25/1955    08/25/1958 died in Bell Co., KY


Williams         Charles P.          06/17/1879    11/02/1956 s/o William M. Williams & Cordellia Koger


Williams         Cordellia  Koger         07/31/1860    12/05/1929 (death certificate file no. 113 paralysis) d/o John Koger of Lee Co., VA & Susan J. Sword of Lee Co., VA w/o William M. Williams


Williams         Darlene Kay         03/03/1967    09/27/1968 d/o Joyce H. Reed


Williams         Dave N.            06/11/1881 Lee Co., VA    03/31/1962 s/o Powell Williams & Margaret J. Unknown h/o Ida Gilbert


Williams         Ed  (Edward)         06/14/1919    01/09/1987 nephew of Joe Williams & Flossie


Williams         Ellen M. Ledbetter         02/19/1878 TN   01/24/1934 d/o James Thomas Ledbetter & Almira Fields divorced from Parish/Paris Williams


Williams         Flossie             02/27/1891    09/18/1939 w/o Joe Williams


Williams         Frank               09/11/1910 (1911)  Shawanee, TN  12/01/1946 (death certificate # 2548 this man’s history suggests a coronary heart occlusion doctor did not see him alive, coal miner)  s/o  Dave Williams of  Lee Co., VA & Ida Gilbert of Shawanee TN  /divorced


Williams         Glenn               11/21/1939    02/18/1940 no records


Williams         Herman Paris         06/17/1906 TN     06/10/1946 (death certificate # 12364 circulatory failure due to coronary heart disease, coal miner)  s/o  Parish Williams & Ellen M. Ledbetter of TN


Williams         Kenneth  W.           01/11/1950    07/28/1960 s/o  Ernest Williams &  Edith Robbins


Williams         Mildred             07/22/1922 TN    11/10/1984 Bell Co., KY


Williams         Millard             1877          12/02/1955 Bell Co., KY


Williams         Mollie Louise Rice     06/15/1913 Knoxville, Knox, TN    02/25/1994 d/o Joseph Rice & Nancy Ermine Lane w/o Unknown Williams


Williams         Randall Lee         02/18/1969    one date s/o Joyce Reed & Williams


Williams         Ruth Lewis          01/??/1865 (Jan 1864 Boyd Co., KY)    02/??/1933 Middlesboro Hospital, Middlesboro, KY (death certificate # 10505 diabetes, hemiphlegia) d/o David Lewis of Wales & Julia Colbert of PA /widow


Williams         Samuel              11/13/1937    one date no records


Williams         Tip                 10/20/1905 TN    10/06/1943 s/o Dave N. Williams of Lee Co., VA & Ida Gilbert of Shawanee, TN h/o Edna May TN


Williams         Vemey               05/03/1903    01/03/1955 no records


Williford        Alvin Samuel        12/06/1928    10/25/1929 no records


Williford        Bettie Anne  Lewis       02/25/1905    03/10/1954 d/o John Lewis (Short) & Polly Jones  w/o Bud R. Williford


Williford        Bud R.              08/17/1902 TN   12/25/1977 h/o Bettie Anne Lewis


Wills            Mary Nell           07/06/1943    07/15/1943 (death certificate# 16960 indigestion, malnutrition, infant ) Crawford William Wills of Bell Co., KY & Nannie Silvers of Oneida, TN


Wilson    (Albert)       Bige                01/07/1886 VA   09/12/1935 s/o Emanuel Jehu Wilson & Mary Elizabeth Muncy h/o Rhoda Markabelle Cinnamon


Wilson           Gabe (George Gabriel)    07/06/1909 Claiborne Co., TN    03/06/1939 s/o Stephen Wilson & Martha Ann Heck h/o Jennie Lee Compton


Wilson           Mary Elizabeth Muncy     1860  (02/08/1866) Claiborne Co., TN    11/07/1934 Clearfield, Rowan Co., KY d/o James Muncy & Sarah Hoskins  w/o Emanuel Jehu Wilson


Wilson           Maudie              04/07/1921    01/14/1922 d/o Albert Bige Wilson & Rhoda Markabelle Cinnamon


Wilson           Maxine              12/07/1924    06/11/1926 d/o Albert Bige Wilson & Rhoda Markabelle Cinnamon


Winstead         Lloyd E.            04/26/1895    08/29/1963 died in Michigan h/o Bessie


Winston          James Harvey        04/??/1872 TN   07/02/1925 (death certificate #15672 cerebral hemorrhage) s/o Sam Winston h/o Mary Cinderalla Poindexter 1875 TN 05/12/1937 Colmar, KY (death certificate # 12483 cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis) d/o William Poindexter & Elizabeth Winston of TN says burial in Middlesboro so she could be buried beside her husband.


Wright           George H.           02/03/1896 Claiborne Co., TN   09/21/1945 (death certificate # 18197 coal mine accident, dead on arrival, coal miner) s/o David Wright of Lebanon, KY & Hannah Day of Missouri h/o Myrtle Denny


Wright           Hannah Louisa Day             no dates 04/18/1864 Missouri 02/17/1935  (death certificate # 3059 cancer of the face, invalid) w/o David Wright of Lebanon, KY


Wright           Hobert Odell        12/19/1921    03/14/1944 s/o George H. Wright &  Myrtle Sarah Denny


Wright           Myrtle Sarah Denny      08/11/1898    08/31/1945 w/o George H. Wright


Wyatt            Bama Ella (Thelma)  Webb          05/30/1899    01/19/1964 d/o Wesley Webb & Jan Stringfield  w/o Benjamin Harrison Wyatt (married 26 Aug 1915 Bell Co., KY)


Wyatt            Benj Harrison       08/02/1889 TN (WWI record 08/02/1891)    07/04/1932 (death certificate # 25013 pellagra, teamster)  s/o William Stuart Wyatt TN & Cornelia Jane Runion TN  h/o Bama Ella Webb


Yeary            Arnold              11/22/1917    12/27/1960 s/o James Tipton Yeary & Mary Evans Jones h/o Ruby Overton


Yeary            Billy Joe           12/11/1944    09/12/1980 s/o Arnold Yeary & Ruby Overton


Yeary            Clyde Edward        01/14/1915    08/12/1972 s/o James Tipton Yeary & Mary Evans Jones


Yeary            Lee Roy            04/03/1902    11/18/1959 s/o James Tipton Yeary & Mary Evans Jones


Yeary            Cora Rebecca   Bryant              05/12/1909   05/26/1961 d/o William Henry Bryant & Fannie Katherine Marsee w/o William Hayden Yeary


Yeary            Wm. Hayden          09/12/1904    06/28/1969 s/o James Tipton Yeary & Mary Evans Jones h/o Cora Bryant


Yoakum           Minnie Strange      04/25/1897 Claiborne Co., TN    02/10/1931 (death certificate #6754? Tuberculosis of throat & kidneys) d/o John Strange of Claiborne Co., TN & Sary Sharp of Claiborne Co., TN w/o Ernest Yoakum


Yoakum           Edith               12/01/1933    12/02/1933 no records


Yoakum           Other G.            04/27/1922    03/22/1923 no records


Young            George Washington         07/24/1881 (1883)    05/14/1940 (death certificate # 11382 Pellagra) s/o Richard Lee Young of TN & Malinda Moore of VA h/o Delia Marcum


Young            Menervy Markum            02/18/1867  Lee Co., VA  11/12/1930 ( death certificate # 29034  listed as Nerver Young, cancer of the liver) d/o Milt (hard to read) Markum & Becky Marcum w/o Richard Lee Young


Young            Richard Lee         04/02/1862    10/06/1939 s/o Leander Young & Mary Zeck h/o 1st Manerva  Marcum 2nd Malinda Moore


Location: Middlesboro follow 441 around beltline to Noetown cemetery is at the Hensley church.  It goes all the

way to top of mountain.  Most is grown up.