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Lee Cemetery, Bar Creek, near Manchester, Bar Creek ,Clay County  KY   


From   Barboursville, Kentucky,  turn Right on Hwy 11 to Manchester, Ky.                                          Continue on Hwy 11 thru  Manchester Ky (Hwy 421 joins 11 thru                                        Manchester) About 8-10 miles..turn right On Hwy 11 at Hookers                                         Store toward Oneida, Ky.   Go 17.3 miles to Bar Creek Rd.  Turn                                         right down and go across the concrete bridge.  Go about 2 miles to                                       Martha (Lee) Grubbs/Amos “Moose” Grubbs  house on the left On a                                   high bank and just beyond  their house another concrete bridge.                                            Turn Off the main road and take the right across the creek.  The first                                     road to the Right there is a trailer here.  Behind the house upon the                                    hill is the Lee Cemetery.  But to get there , go to the next road (Lee                                      Branch there is not any sign)Turn right.   Go about 200 yds, turn right up a steep                                    slope and the cemetery Is up on the hill .  If you don’t have 4 wheel                                     drive.  I would walk the first Time as it is not very far.


Note: Bar Creek has no sign on the road.


Name                                     Birth           Death             Tombstone                      Comment


_______Davidson              No Date        No Date          First name not legible


Unknown Adult                  No Date         No Date          No name was legible


Carolyn Davidson               06/26/1963     06/29/1963 d/o Delphia Lee


Kevin C. Field                    06/29/1970     06/15/1971


Anthony Grubbs                  09/29/1976      09/29/1976


Ivory Hensley                      No Date        No Date     d/o Isham/Ison  Hensley (s/o John M. Hensley & Anna Gilbert)  & Ollie Godsey                                                                                                                             

They moved to Indiana


(Stanley) Alvin Hounchell                   03/30/1909    04/03/1974 s/o John E. Hounchell & Martha Dee Dezarn h/o Gracie Wynn


Flora Hounchell                  08/15/1947              01/25/1986


Gracie Wynn  Hounchell                 05/25/1924      06/01/1960 d/o Fielden Wynn & Susie

Madden w/o Stanley Alvin Hounchell


John E. Hounchell               01/11/1947      01/15/948       Lamb on tombstone.  From the                                                                                    arms of  Mother to the arms of Jesus s/o Stanley Alvin Hounchell & Gracie Wynn


Judy Hounchell                    12/30/1948    Feb          d/o Stanley Alvin Hounchell & Gracie Wynn


Ann Lee                          1923              1974            d/o Jim Lee & Paralee Sizemore


Betty Lee (Elizabeth Hensley Lee) b. 18 Feb 1865 Harlan Co., KY d/o Fielding Hensley & Nancy Jane Pace  w/o William Carr Lee


Verda E. (Wynn) Lee           4/10/1913      6/17/1973  d/o Pete Wynn & Susie Madden                                                                                         w/o William Lee


Verda Lee                  12/1931        12/1933       d/o Jim Lee & Paralee  Sizemore                                                                                                                              


Eva Lee                     1/4/1937      1/4/1937          d/o William Lee & Verda E. Wynn

                                                                                                                                        (William) Henry Lee          1887            1/6/1949   s/o William m Carr Lee & Elizabeth “Betty” Hensley h/o Mary Jane Tipton  


Jim Lee     (abt 1894 Bar Creek, Clay Co., KY)    No Date         No Date       h/o Paralee Sizemore s/o William Carr Lee & Elizabeth Hensley

Masonic Member

Jim has marble footmarker no name


John Lee                              7/1/1946         7/1/1946   s/o William Lee & Verda E.Wynn                                                                                                                                          


Mary Lee                             1905        No Date        At foot of Steve Lee(1907) His sister (children of William Carr Lee & Elizabeth Hensley)


Opal Lee                              1/1/1945        7/4/1945       d/o William Lee & Verda E. Wynn                                                                                                                                       


Paralee (Sizemore)Lee         1896               07/06/1981 d. Laurel Co., KY d/o William Sizemore & Ellen Howard w/o James Lee


Ruth Wilson  Lee     born 1840 VA     No Date         No Date   d/o Daniel Wilson (1800) & Margarett Unknown     Mother of Wm Carr Lee w/o  David Lee (1802).  She is the                                                                                                                                                                                        She is  sister to Preston Wilson who married Rachel Howard (Daniel)                                                                                            


Steve Lee          4/15/1905      12/20/1991  s/o William Carr Lee & Elizabeth Hensley h/o Pearlie Hensley (d/o Baylor Hensley & Ella Daniel who was d/o James T. Middleton & Mary Daniel not married)                                                                                                                                                                                     Pearlie Hensley Lee is buried in the Saylor Cemetery, Pathfork, Harlan Co., KY                                                                                                 


Susie Lee                             1/19/1935      12/16/2000 d/o William Lee & Verda E. Wynn

William Lee                7/26/1910     9/14/1983       Dad     h/o Verda E. Wynn,                                                                                                           s/o  William Henry Lee & Mary Jane Tipton


William Carr Lee    b. Oct 1865 Harlan Co., KY s/o David Lee (1802)/Ruth                                                                                                    Wilson  h/o Elizabeth Hensley g/s Andrew Lee & Margaret Peggy Daniels


Tom Marcum                       No Date       No Date        h/o Sudie Marcum

Unknown Adult Marcum      No Date       No Date

H.M.                                    No Date       No Date          Assumed to be a Marcum.

___.M                                  No Date       No Date

Marcums                                                                        Additional  Five (5) unmarked graves

Among the Marcums.



Ruth L (Lee)Sandlin             03/16/1894     09/08/1971          Mother  d/o William Carr Lee & Elizabeth“Betsy” Hensley  2nd w/o John B. Sandlin


John Asher Sizemore           02/23/1928 b. Bad Creek, Leslie Co., KY  01/23/1999 d. London, Laurel Co., KY s/o Taylor Sizemore & Phoebe Brown


Nancy (Sizemore)              02/05/1929       No Date    (probably w/o John Asher Sizemore)


Pless Sizemore                     No Date        No Date (death certificate # 38314 Pleasant Sizemore born Leslie Co., KY s/o Wilburn Sizemore & don’t know, died from pneumonia age 64,  Nov 08, 1918) mother was Sally  Jones w/o Mary J. Bowling


Sally Sizemore                     No Date        No Date (could be Sally Jones w/o Wilburn Sizemore born 1815 died 12 Apr 1901


Marylena Stidman                09/12/1918     11/9/2000       Asleep in Jesus.  w/o Rufus Stidman


Bessie Wynn                        02/09/1919       7/10/1928       From Mothers arms to the arms   of Jesus. d/o  Fielding Wynn & Susan Madden d/o Achelles Champ Madden & Dorcas Pace


Lucy (Fields) Wynn           03/19/1920 Harlan Co, KY            06/1944  (death certificate #13240 acute pulmonary edema, preeclampsia, spontaneous delivery) d/o John Fields & Mary Eldridge    w/o Bill Wynn brother  to Pete                                                                                                                                Wynn


Pete Wynn                           6/11/1892     10/11/1970     In God We Trust

s/o Achilles “Acles”Wynn & Levina Hensley


Susie (Madden) Wynn          1882              2/2/1971         In God We Trust w/o Fielding  Wynn

d/o Achelles Champ Wynn & Dorcas Pace


Virgil Wynn               10/15/1944 Clay Co., KY      1944  s/o Vina Gibbons    In the Arms of Jesus


William P. Wynn                  1926             1966  s/o Fielding Wynn & Susie Madden             In the Arms of Jesus


W. Rachel Wynn                  No Date         No Date        Not legible


Female Lee               07/01/1945    07/04/1945 (death certificate # 14182 pulmonary atelectasmia (means collapsed lungs),  burial in Bar Creek ) d/o Will Lee & Verda Wynn