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Surname          Given Name          Born          Death


Ackley           Irma Myrrell        02/22/1924    10/20/1925 Harlan Co., KY (death certificate # 24085 died from whooping cough) d/o Arthur Ackley & Marie Jarvis


Ackley           Mariah (Marie) Jarvis       02/02/1900    02/11/1952 d/o William Bradley Jarvis & Ida Caldwell  w/o Arthur Ackley


Bays             Ben                 11/09/1948    03/10/1949 (death certificate # 3649 broncho pneumonia due to malnutrition) s/o Add Bays & Judith  Cook


Bays             Cora Mae Cook           06/27/1926    09/23/1971 d/o Charles Cook & Sinda Hensley w/o Jackie Bays


Bays             Jackie Jr.          11/23/1924    12/03/1971 s/o Jackson Bays & Margaret Hembree w/o Cora Mae Cook


Brackett         M. Ellen            05/30/1858    06/09/1921 d/o Felix Brackett & Leona Brackett  m/o Robert Brackett, Bessie Brackett  Carmony (w/o Robert J. Carmony) & Virgina  Brackett Rowland (w/o James Hasten Rowland)


Brackett         Robert E. Lee           06/17/1888    04/29/1920 s/o M. Ellen Brackett h/o Cora Ingram (wed 20 Jun 1906, Bell Co., KY)


Brock            Mitchell            07/07/1917    04/21/1984 s/o William Brock (b. ca. 1854) &  Maggie Smith


Brock         Maggie Smith    06/05/1894    01/17/1953  d/o Thomas Smith & Jane May (death certificate # 79 carcinoma of stomach. burial in the Goodin Cemetery, Four Mile, KY) w/o William Brock



Broyles          Rachel Douglas    04/24/1893 Newcomb, TN   03/05/1954 d/o James Douglas & Elizabeth Stanfield w/o J. Felix Broyles


Broyles          Katie                  07/26/1907 TN   1917 (03/26/1919) (death certificate # 8627 pneumonia complicated by influenza) d/o J. Felix Broyles & Rachel Douglas


Carr             Boyd                03/04/1914    01/26/1916 (death certificate # 342 died from asthma/hereditary) s/o William Carr & Lilly Smith


Coign            James T.            04/18/1919    04/18/1919 s/o Robert W.  Coign & Jessie Goodin


Cole             John Morris              08/12/1873    05/26/1935 s/o Theophilus Garrard Cole & Lucinda Burnett h/o Mary Spencer


Cole             Mary Spencer                09/07/1874 TN   01/22/1970 (might be d/o Taylor & Sarah Spencer of Cumberland, TN) w/o John M. Cole


Cook             Charlie             05/06/1900    06/20/1967 h/o Sudie Hensley


Cook             Clandus  Samuel      02/21/1940 Knox Co., KY   06/11/1941 Knox Co., KY (death certificate # 15490 broncho pneumonia due to whooping cough) s/o Charlie Cook & Sudie Hensley


Cook             Eligah              04/13/1920    02/20/1921 (death certificate # 3774 measles & bronchitis) s/o Charlie Cook & Sudie Hensley

Cook             James Charles       1940 Knox Co., KY 1940 Knox Co., KY  (death certificate # 4808 1 day old, born premature) s/o James Cook & Thelma Lee  Warren


Cook             James E.            09/06/1918    06/10/1959 Detroit, MI s/o Charlie Cook & Sudie Hensley h/o Thelma Lee Warren


Cook             Nancy               18??          1956


Cook             Sudie Margret Hensley              06/05/1901    11/13/1985 d/o Samuel  Hensley & Sally Ann w/o Charlie Cook


Creech           Axie King           06/23/1903    03/05/1942 d/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin w/o Tyrus Howard Creech


Dean             Willie King              04/24/1888    10/20/1920 (death certificate # 33754 Bright’s Disease) d/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin w/o William  H. Dean


Drew             G.W. (George Washington) 07/12/1883 Jackson Co., KY    09/10/1945 (death certificate # 20339 coal miner died from organic heart trouble and kidneys) son of Unknown and Sallie Drew of Jackson Co., KY h/o Pearl Broyles


Dunn             A.D.                03/20/1928    12/??/1929 no records


Dunn             Charles J.          09/09/1933    04/23/1934 no records


Dunn             Harless             07/04/1918    09/25/1920 s/o Joe Dunn & Octavia Smith


Dunn             Nancy Jane Billingsley              02/08/1860    02/08/1931 d/o James D. Billingsley & Sarah Heard w/o Jackson Dunn


Dunn             Noah                11/19/1889 TN    10/28/1931 s/o Jackson Dunn & Nancy Jane  Billingsley h/o Myrtle Merida   f/o Walter Dunn, John Dunn, Nancy J. Dunn & Zora L. Dunn


Dunn             Virgil              03/15/1916    02/22/1920 s/o Joe Dunn & Octavia Smith


Dunn             W.C.                03/29/1926    08/25/1926 no records


Eades            George  W.   1882 (12/24/1883)   11/23/1960 s/o John Ace Eads & Nancy E.


Eades            Mattie Burgin             11/11/1879    04/01/1948 ( death certificate # 6819 died of chronic neprhitis due to hypertrophic arthritis)  d/o T.M. Burgin & Angeline Bays w/o George Eades (wed 18 Jun 1903 Pulaski Co., KY)


Evans            Mary Esther Burnette          10/28/1863 Cocke Co., TN   02/17/1916 (death certificate # 5448 died from a severe attack of inflammatory Rheumatism together with abcess of the lung father listed as Jefferson Burnette & Esther,  burial in the Thomas Goodin Cemetery ) w/o Bud Evans


Farley           Ann M. (Leanna)  Taylor   07/13/1892 Knox Co., KY    02/17/1977 Jonesboro, AR d/o John Taylor   & Rebecca Brown   w/o Unknown Farley


Gambrel          Robert Lee          05/30/1935    10/07/1935 s/o Johnny Gambrel & Maggie Cole


Goodin           Alma Jackson     04/24/1911       01/25/2004 Jacksboro, Campbell Co., TN d/o Daniel Jackson & Lucy Carty w/o John Goodin


Goodin           Bonnie B.           10/22/1910    10/22/1910 no records


Goodin           Esther Laws         11/20/1900    07/20/1983 d/o Andrew Laws & Ealon Miller w/o Evie Goodin


Goodin           Evie                12/26/1893    05/11/1979 s/o Thomas Madison Goodin & Lizzie Dean

h/o Esther Laws


Goodin           Fred C.             08/17/1912    08/28/1967 South Lebanon, Warren Co., OH  s/o Thomas Madison Goodin & Lizzie Dean


Goodin           Georgia  Woods           08/16/1902    02/13/1993 Pineville, Bell Co., KY d/o John R. Woods & Elizabeth Frances Hendrickson  w/o Jay Goodin


Goodin           J.E.                no dates  no records


Goodin           Jacqueline Marie    06/05/1979    09/22/1996 d/o Jamie Kent Goodin & Lisa M. Carroll


Goodin           Will  Jay 11/15/1900    10/01/1967 s/o Thomas Madison Goodin & Lizzie Dean h/o  1st Georgia Woods 2nd Roxie Fuson


Goodin   (Billie)  Jayleen             06/18/1925    06/23/1925 (death certificate #28167 premature birth) d/o Jay Goodin & Georgia Woods


Goodin           John Fuson      10/12/1832    10/26/1888 s/o John Jack Goodin & Mahala Fuson h/o Sallie Ingram


Goodin           John                11/11/1906          03/11/1970  s/o Thomas Madison Goodin & Lizzie Dean h/o Alma Jackson


Goodin           Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth)  Dean           02/05/1875    07/07/1946 (death certificate #14834 malignancy of uterus and cervix) d/o William Dean & Laura Glasscock w/o Thomas Madison Goodin


Goodin        (Sarah) Sallie Ingram             09/27/1836    03/08/1908 d/o William Ingram & Margaret Tinsley  w/o John Fuson Goodin


Goodin           Thomas A.           04/18/1926    02/22/1969


Goodin           Thomas Madison           11/04/1871    02/20/1922 s/o John Fuson Goodin & Sallie Ingram h/o Lizzie Dean

Goodin           W.E.                1885          one date


Goodin           Walter Thomas       05/15/1890    12/11/1891 s/o William Jefferson Goodin & Axie Belle Moyers


Greene           Ethel May           03/02/1922 Clay Co., KY    07/10/1946 (death certificate # 14360 complications of childbirth) d/o Major May & Eller Sloan w/o John Paul Greene


Helton           Helen Ann    10/20/1933       11/17/1933 (death certificate # 25227 lobar pneumonia) d/o Onzel Dorthan Helton & Helen King


Hemphill         Juletia  King            11/12/1894    11/01/1969 d/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin w/o William Henry Hemphill


Hemphill         William Henry         11/29/1888    01/17/1944 (death certificate # 126 pulmonary tuberculosis, occupation carpenter) s/o John W. Hemphill & Charity Ingram h/o Juletia


Hensley          William Bill        09/01/1939       12/17/1967 s/o Unknown Hensley &  Mary Messer


Hinkle           Lee Junior          01/17/1947 Knox     03/10/1949  s/oLee Hinkle &  Eleanor Hunter


Hollingsworth    Laura Willie Goodin         11/01/1909    12/15/1956 d/o Thomas Madison Goodin & Mary Elizabeth Dean w/o William Franklin Hollingworth


Hollingsworth    William Franklin    04/09/1907 Indiana    12/15/1968 h/o Laura Willie Goodin


Hope             Henry               08/23/1903    04/12/1923 no records


Hope             Ida                     06/10/1884  09/26/1924 no records


Ingram           Marola Bell  King         03/24/1910    01/03/1991 Cincinnati, OH d/o John Wallace King & Mary Ann Main w/o Thomas Jefferson Ingram


Ingram           Thomas Graydon      01/24/1939    08/08/1971 Greenwood, Greenwood Co., SC s/o Thomas Jefferson Ingram & Marola Bell King


Jackson          B.P. (Beverly Perry)     06/05/1879    09/25/1931 s/o Felix G. Jackson & Alsy Smith h/o Louisa Hubbard


Jarvis           Andrew              03/18/1889    06/29/1959 s/o J. H. Jarvis & Rosa Jarvis  h/o Vada Burgin


Jarvis           Hubert Lee          04/21/1919    03/09/1920 s/o Andrew Jarvis & Vada Burgan


Jarvis           J.H. (John Henry)     03/07/1866 Clay Co., KY   12/04/1933 (death certificate # 8266 died from lobar pneumonia) s/o Andrew Jarvis NC & Isabella Mersimore of Knox Co., KY h/o Rosa


Jarvis           Joe                 02/05/1894    08/13/1916 (death certificate # 20577 leg crushed by train, occupation brakeman on a train) s/o John Henry Jarvis & Rosa Jarvis /single


Jarvis           Rosa  Jarvis               02/09/1862    03/21/1920 d/o Jackson Jarvis & Barbara A. Tuttle w/o John Henry Jarvis


Jarvis           Vada Burgin               04/11/1895    02/25/1973 d/o Thomas Melvin Burgin & Angeline Bays  w/o Andrew Jarvis


Jarvis           Verda Mae           01/04/1924    11/23/1924 d/o Caleb Jarvis & Roxie Hibbard


King    (Mahala)  Belle Goodin        09/26/1866    05/04/1924 d/o John Fuson Goodin & Sarah “Sallie” Ingram w/o John Harvey King


King             Charles Kenneth     06/30/1932    04/11/1941 (death certificate # 11540 metastatic carcinoma of liver and lungs due to metastasis of carcinoma of left testicle) s/o Marvin King & Blanche Hopper


King             John Harve          11/23/1866    11/14/1936 s/o Spencer King & Mahala Tinsley h/o Mahala Belle Goodin


King             John Wallace        02/22/1890    04/09/1940 Flat Lick,  Knox Co., Ky  (death certificate # 10446 found dead in bed from unknown causes) s/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin h/o Mary Ann Main


King             John Wallace II     04/01/1918    03/01/1970 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH  s/o John Wallace King & Mary Ann Main /married


King             Marvin Glenn         05/30/1909    05/13/1958 (former turnkey for Bell County Jail)  s/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin  h/o Blanche Hopper


King             Mary Ann Main       03/13/1892    02/21/1967 d/o David Main & Mary  Wilson w/o John Wallace King


King             Robert G.           05/25/1892    03/30/1963 s/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin


Lay              Axie Cook                1909    09/07/1965 d/o Joseph  Cook & Katie  Brooks  w/o Clarance T. Lay


Lay              Clarance T.         1906          1934 s/o Frank Lay of Rockcastle Co., KY,  brother of Carrie  who married Milt Mize  h/o Axie Cook


May              Bailey              08/03/1915    08/20/1938 (death certificate # 18861 killed in mines no doctor) s/o Major May & Lucy Lisenbee


May              Dill                06/10/1883    10/07/1929 (death certificate # 28734 crushed in coal mine) s/o Andrew May & Catherine Bowling h/o  Sarah  f/o Major May & Julie May born Lee Co., VA


May              John Bee            07/23/1913    07/14/1941 (death certificate # 17965 died of slate fall in coal mine) s/o Major May & Lucy Lisenbee h/o Martha Carnes


*Metcalf          William E.          WWII Veteran   07/17/1887 Indiana     05/07/1941  (death certificate # 11549 died from fractured crania due to fall, occupation, section hand ) s/o Riley Metcalf & Nannie Richardson h/o Annie Allen


Owens            William David       11/18/1895 Rockcastle Co., KY   04/29/1941 s/o John Larkin Owens & Leatha Asbill


Parrott   Henry    Graydon             11/28/1913    01/13/1939 s/o Julitian Goodin, nephew of William H. Dean (1875)  & Willa


Payne            Bertha Cole              1904          02/14/1939 Knox Co., KY (death certificate # 4659 died from lobar pneumonia) d/o John M. Cole & Mary Chadwell w/o Charlie Payne


Payne            Betty Jo            1936          (12/30/1936) 1937 (death certificate # 33648 age 6 months died from encephalitis) d/o Charlie Payne & Bertha Cole


Posey            Judy A.  Bays           04/18/1951    05/26/1976 Campbell Co., KY d/o John Jackson Bays &  Cora Mae  Cook  w/o Unknown Posey


Shaw             Isaac M.            08/25/1893 TN      03/22/1962   Jefferson Co., KY s/o Samuel & Theodora Shaw


Shelton          Hiram               10/14/1891    08/08/1952 (death certificate # 16933 gunshot wound through the chest, due to obesity, coal miner ) s/o Joseph Coleman Shelton & Zora Belle Miller h/o Lucinda Baker


Slusher          Sallie Goodin  King         11/29/1886    05/02/1964 d/o John Harvey King & Mahala Belle Goodin w/o William Mart Slusher


Smallwood        Elige               04/12/1873 Clay Co., KY   06/25/1972  Bell Co., KY s/o James Farmer Smallwood & Ann Eliza  Wagers h/o Lucy Wagers


Smallwood        Shirley Ann       05/16/1956  one date      d/o Millie Marlow  & Unknown Smallwood


Smith            Andy                05/05/1925    06/12/1936 no records


Smith            Arnold King Jr.    12/23/1939          1976 s/o Arnold King Smith Sr. & Willia King


Smith            General             02/16/1900    01/16/1916 (death certificate # 2291 miner, illegible, but looks like slate fell on him) s/o Tom Smith & Janie May /single


Smith            Harman              05/29/1918    05/29/1918 no records


Smith            Mary Ann Wagers             1885          04/08/1957  w/o Richard Smith (married 16 Aug 1906 Clay Co., KY)


Smith            Nevel               03/25/1918    10/16/1920 s/o Warden Smith & Mary E. Smith


Smith            Rellie              08/29/1918    03/17/1923 d/o Willie B. Smith & Inez


Smith            Shelby B.           11/16/1907    08/18/1944 (death certificate # 17435 coal miner died from pulmonary tuberculosis)  s/o Tom Smith & Janie May h/o Haley Ely


Smith            Tom                 06/25/1862    08/31/1924 (death certificate # 21903) s/o Britton Smith & Katherine Hubbard  h/o Janie May


Smith            William             1954          1954  no records


Smith            Willie B.           08/19/1887    06/19/1952 (death certificate # 13650 cancer of the rectum, coal miner) s/o Tom Smith & Janie May  h/o Inez


Stanley          Marion D.           02/17/1887 Lee Co., VA   01/20/1965 s/o Samuel Stanley & Martha M. Ayers h/o Nollie B. Jarvis


Stanley          Nollie B. Jarvis       07/17/1891    04/14/1956 d/o John Henry Jarvis & Rosa Jarvis w/o Marion D. Stanley


Taylor           Angela Dawn         09/23/1984    09/23/1984 d/o Nora Bays & Unknown Taylor


Taylor           Terry Steven        07/07/1985    07/11/1985 s/o Nora Bays & Unknown Taylor


Wallace    George  Kephart             no dates b. Ca 1846 PA   d. abt. 07/11/1910    Civil War (served in KY & Co. M  PA 19th Cav Unit,  Union enlisted 16 Oct 1863 ) h/o Cordie Ingram( 03/20/1870-01/04/1949 Jefferson Co., KY  d/o James Ingram & Margaret Tinsley death certificate # 1036 died from cerebral hemorrhage due to artero sclerosis, buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Jefferson Co., KY, married 12 Sep 1888 in Knox Co., KY)


Warren           Amelia Jones              01/26/1888    08/31/1955 Whitley Co., KY d/o James Jones & Mary Hannah Clouse w/o Robert Warren Sr.


Warren           Bob Junior          08/16/1923    08/03/1925 (death certificate # 19045 died from ileo colitis) s/o Robert Warren & Amelia Jones


Warren           Robert              10/11/1880    01/25/1926 s/o Stephen Warren & Ann Eliza Wiseman h/o Amelia Jones


West             Belvin               01/31/1922    05/16/1990 s/o James West & Maggie Shaw  h/o Marie Webb


West             Ernest              02/01/1903  TN  07/16/1961 s/o James West & Maggie Walls (the parents both buried in Middlesboro, KY)


West             Maggie Shaw             04/22/1899    1970 d/o Sam & Dosie Shaw of Campbell Co., TN w/o Jim West born 1876 TN


West             Marie Webb          02/29/1924    07/14/1993 d/o Isaac Webb & Maude Davenport w/o Belvin West


West             Shirley             03/25/1920    08/01/1944 d/o Jim West & Maggie Shaw


Word             China Renfro         04/23/1784 Bedford, VA         01/06/1854 d/o James Rentfro & Charity Ann Huff w/o 1st John Word 11 Feb 1802 Knox Co., KY 2nd Richard Herndon 27 Oct 1841 Knox Co., KY


Word             John                10/25/1767 VA         05/02/1836 Lincoln Co., KY s/o Charles Word & Mary Culver h/o China Renfro


Word             Juda                1820          03/19/1824 d/o John Word & China Renfro


Word             Mary Burth          1811          04/04/1854 d/o John Word & China Renfro


Word             Samuel              1817          06/03/1852 s/o John Word & China Renfro


This cemetery is located to the right of US 25E going north at the

KU plant turn on the Ely's road to the left and the first road to

the right is Mockingbird Hollow turn on it to the right.  As soon

as you cross the railroad tracks you have to turn to the right and

go parallel to the railroad almost on it.  This dead ends at this